Twelve Sky 2 Patch Will Increase Level Cap

MAYN Interactive has announced that the level cap will be increased to 149, also known as Deity Level 4, in Twelve Sky 2 when the next patch is implemented on Jan. 26. In addition, the Coliseum Tournament Grounds will open and let up to 35 warriors per clan enter the battle to compete for various rewards.

New maps, player combat zones, monsters and equipment will also be added to the game in the patch. You can read more about the update after the jump or in this thread on the official forums.

TwelveSky 2 GMs to Host Friday the 13th Event

What will you be doing on Friday the 13th? Watching a Jason movie marathon? Going to a theater to see how the world ends in "2012"? Playing an MMO? Well, TwelveSky 2 players will have the opportunity to earn free Acupoint Strikes on the superstitious day during a GM event.

GMs will be spawning monsters in all town maps from 2-5 p.m. GMT in an attempt to promote PvP in the game. All you need to do is fight these monsters for a chance to earn a set of Acupoint Strikes. The full announcement can be found after the jump.

ONE Game Card Lets Players Manage MMO Spending

Open Network Entertainment announced today that it has launched the ONE Power-Up Game Card, which is a prepaid gift card that allows you to manage your spending for a variety of MMOs and other online games. Basically, it means you no longer need to buy separate games cards for each game that you play. The ONE Power-Up Game Card also gives you access to exclusive offers, from extra points to unique in-game bonus items.

So what games are compatible with the card? According to a press release, "partnerships have been signed with Aeria Games, OnNet (GamesCampus), Fantage, Ndoors, NHN Global, Game HI and JC Entertainment (GameKiss), allowing consumers to redeem their card balance for use on more than 20 online game properties." You can find a full list of games on the card's Web site, and it includes titles such as Asda Story, Atlantica Online, Dream of Mirror Online and Twelve Sky 2.

The ONE Power-Up Game Card is currently only available for purchase at participating Rite Aid locations. More information on the card can be found after the jump or in the FAQ on the Web site.

TwelveSky 2 Events Offer $20,000 in Prizes

TwelveSky 2 may be a free-to-play MMO, but MAYN Interactive has set up three promotional events where participants can compete in PvP battles for portions of a $20,000 prize pool.

Two of these contests kick off today and run through Sept. 1. The first is for veteran warriors who have registered their accounts before today and requires players to earn Contribution Points through PvP battles. Five first-prize winners will get $250 in Mokens and a T-shirt. The second contest is a leveling event for new warriors who register after the start date. The five players who gain the most levels with earn $200 in Mokens and a T-shirt.

A PvP battle arena event will be held from Sept. 1-14. Teams must register between Aug. 21-28 for the single-elimination tournament. Up to eight iPod Touches will be offered to the winning teams. You can read the full list of available prizes from all three events after the jump.

TwelveSky 2 Server Merge Set for Aug. 4

The TwelveSky 2 team announced on the front page of the game's official site today that "after much trepidation," a server merge will take place on Aug. 4. There's a whole list of things that will happen during the merge, such as the clearing of friends' lists and the looting of clan treasuries, which can be found in this forum thread or after the jump.

There's currently a lot of discussion going on about the merge in the thread, with players both for and against the change. Those who applaud the merge hope it will breathe new life into the game, while naysayers are concerned about topics such as lag. The game celebrated its commercial launch two months ago on May 26.

TwelveSky 2 Commercial Launch Set for May 26

MAYN Interactive announced today that TwelveSky 2 will celebrate its commercial launch on Tuesday, May 26. The action-packed MMO is free-to-play, so interested players will be able to visit the game's official Web site to enter Ancient China and prepare to participate in large-scale PvP battles.

TwelveSky 2 already includes the Tiger, Dragon and Snake clans, but MAYN has stated the Sky Clan, a more exclusive clan for gamers, will be introduced during the commercial launch. If you participated in the beta test, you'll be able to play using your existing account and characters.

More information regarding the announcement of the game's launch can be found after the jump.

TwelveSky 2 Open Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

We've already announced that the open beta for TwelveSky 2 begins tomorrow. But MAYN Interactive has now announced more of what you can expect should you decide to join in on the testing process.

According to a press release, players can participate in special events to celebrate the open beta launch, including an increased drop rate, extra experience from killing monsters and cheaper potions being sold by NPCs. Scheduled PvP battles will also be held.

In addition, the open beta will bring in new features to the game, such as an in-game help platform and a political system for players. High-level players will be able to run for election and appoint twelve Vices. And of course the open beta will have major bug fixes and further localization. Visit the game's official Web site if you'd like to participate.

TwelveSky 2 Open Beta Begins April 23

MAYN Interactive announced today that open beta for TwelveSky 2 is scheduled to begin on April 23. So if you're interested in trying out this free-to-play MMO set in Ancient China, mark that date on your calendar and head over to the game's official Web site to register and sign up to be part of the testing event.

The second phase of closed beta just ended on Monday following a three-day event called "Last Warrior " where players level 90 and above fought for victory against both players and monsters. You can view screenshots of the event in our gallery, which also demonstrate what combat looks like in the game.

More information on the open beta announcement can be found in the press release after the jump.

TwelveSky 2 Prepares for Closed Beta Phase 2

The first phase of closed beta for MAYN Interactive's TwelveSky 2 concluded yesterday, but you still have plenty of time to get in on the testing action if you'd like to get a sneak preview of this MMO, which is set in Ancient China. Starting today, the publisher is opening up enrollment for the second phase of closed beta, which is set to begin on March 23.

If you'd like some more information about the title before diving into the beta registration process, we recently published some exclusive content for TwelveSky 2. We spoke with Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive, about the game, and we also have some exclusive screenshots.

If your curiosity is piqued, you can find out more about the second phase of closed beta on the game's official Web site. You can also read the full press release after the jump.

We Talk TwelveSky 2 with MAYN

Recently, we managed to grab an interview with Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive. For those of you who don't know, MAYN interactive is the European publisher for the GigasSoft's TwelveSky 2, an in development MMORPG set in Ancient China. While TwelveSky 2 is slated to begin closed beta testing on February 23rd, players can read all about the features they're missing out on in the interview!

Pwyff : Hello Mr. Silverman! It's a great privilege to talk with you today.

Shawn : The pleasure's all mine. It's not every day we get a chance to sit down and have a nice few moments with you and your wonderful community, especially this close to Beta!

Pwyff : To quickly introduce our audience to your game, what in-game features really separate "TwelveSky 2" from your average MMO?