New Border Defense Wars!

Hello Knights of Carnac!

We have some exciting news for you today. On April 21st, 2009, the Border Defense War event will be undergoing major changes.

The Border Defense War has been revamped so that players of a wider level range may now participate! The BDW will now be broken down into "Low Level" and "High Level" instances. These instances will be further broken down according to the player's level. Players will now be grouped together according to their specific level.

Low Level 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-57

High Level
58-64, 65-72, 73-77

The high level BDW can only progress through the war when both nations have 8 participants. Parties will now be determined by the player, not the game. This means you will now be able to join your friends and clan mates during the BDW!

It will now be much easier for you to join the BDW. Instead of traveling to an NPC, you may now be anywhere in the game and a pop-up window will ask if you would like to participate. You may either select "Join" or "Decline". 10 minutes after selecting "Join" you will be zoned to Kaluga Valley.

Ways To Win

There are 2 ways to win the new Border Defense War.

1) The first team to get 80 PVP kills automatically wins in the high level BDW.
The first team to get 50 PVP kills automatically wins the low level BDW.

2) The second way to win involves capturing the Center Guard Tower. The Center Guard Tower may not be captured within the first minute of combat. After the first minute has expired players must attempt to click on the Tower and defend it for a certain amount of time without dying.

If the Center Guard Tower is captured within the first 10 minutes of combat, it must be held for 3 minutes.

If the Center Guard Tower is captured within the second 10 minutes of combat, it must be held for 2 minutes.

If Center Guard Tower is captured within the final 10 minutes of combat, it must be held for 1 minute.

If at the end of the 30 minutes no team has 80 kills or defended the tower, the team holding the tower at the end wins. If neither party holds the tower at the end of combat, the team with the most kills wins. If neither team has control of the tower, and the number of kills is even at the end, both teams will be "defeated".

Winning the war will reward the player with an amount of Experience determined by their level as well as an item.


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