Regnum Online Celebrates 2 Years with Expansion

Regnum Online, a free-to-play fantasy Realm vs. Realm MMORPG, is celebrating its second anniversary with the release of the game's second major development expansion today. The expansion includes the introduction of the dueling feature, which will allow players to compete against each other in one-on-one combat.

The new release is being launched today as part of an anniversary event. In addition, any player who purchases Ximerin until May 29 will be given an extra 25 percent as a "thank you" from the game's team. You can also join an in-game party with the developers on Sunday at 9 p.m. GMT.

NGD Studios is also working on a new MMO game engine, codenamed NG3D2.0. That means you can expect another major Regnum release in the fourth quarter of 2009. More information can be found after the jump.

NGD Studios celebrates Regnum Online’s second anniversary. In just 2 years Regnum Online has grown from a solid independent MMORPG to one of the top Free To Play Realm vs Realm MMORPGs available on Windows and Linux platforms. Thanks to continuous development based on user feedback, the NGD Studios team launched the Invasions expansion in Q4 2008 with great reception by the community. Now, NGD Studios is proud to announce Regnum Online’s second major development expansion with many new features and in particular the introduction of “Dueling”, allowing players to enhance their Player vs. Player experience by challenging other players to one on one confrontation.

Starting on Friday, May 22nd players will experience the launch of the new release as a special anniversary event which will include new premium rewards, exciting new adventures in the war zone and the greatly anticipated “Duels” feature. As a “thank you” to our community and all new comers, for a limited time, for any purchase of Ximerin between Friday 22nd and Friday 29th we will give the buyer +25% extra Ximerin for the purchase.

Join the party “in game” with the developers on Sunday, May 24th at 9 PM GMT.

Download and sign up for free at

Regnum Online Technology update

NGD Studios has dedicated an internal team to developing a new MMO game engine, codenamed NG3D2.0. The new engine, featuring our proprietary technology for the demands of next generation MMOs, has already been tested in NGD’s “The Tower” technology demo showcased at the EVA08 (Argentina’s Video game Expo) and presented at GDC 2009.

NG3D2.0 means the Regnum Online community can expect another major release for Regnum Online in Q4 2009, as NGD is already hard at work to implement this next generation technology to push Regnum Online to the next level.

The following improvements are expected for upcoming releases:

Dynamic volumetric shadows
Enhanced lighting and modeling
High definition characters
Enhanced post process effects
Big Performance Improvements (over 50% faster!)
Increase in the drawing distance of scenery
Visit for news on the continuous development of Regnum Online.


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