OGPlanet Launches Soul & Siena Expansion

OGPlanet has announced that the Soul & Siena expansion is now live in CABAL Online. The update introduces the Soul Ability System, which gives players access to passive skills by earning Ability Experience Points. The expansion also includes the addition of the Altar of Siena dungeon, as well as a sub-password system for added security.

More information on Soul & Siena can be found on the game's official Web site or after the jump. Also, OGPlanet is hosting some events in honor of the launch. You can read more about them here.

El Segundo, Calif., - June 25, 2009 - OGPlanet announced today that the Soul & Siena expansion is now live in CABAL Online, its action MMORPG. This expansion offers new challenges and rewards to the high-level veterans of CABAL Online.

Soul & Siena introduces the Soul Ability System, greatly expanding the skills that characters can acquire. Ability Experience Points will be earned alongside regular experience points, and can be spent on Essence Runes that give players the passive skills of their choosing. Players will begin acquiring Ability Experience Points when their characters reach level 120 and can earn them in fields, dungeons or Mission Wars. There are 26 unique Essence Runes available, representing such diverse combat skills as Knockback Resistance, Magic or Defense Increase, Experience Point Bonus, and Sword or Magic Skill Amplification.

Players itching to try out their newly gained skills need look no further than Altar of Siena, the brand-new dungeon located in MutantForest. Soon their characters will be adorned with the Shiny SIGMetal armor sets and epaulets that drop in the new dungeon.

In addition to all of the new in-game developments, OGPlanet is instituting a sub password system to let CABAL players further secure their accounts. Using a four-digit in-game numeric password system, players will be able to lock their characters, equipment and warehouse with three unique passwords. The system also uses a soft keyboard system with randomized numerical characters, making it impossible for hackers to gain these passwords through keylogging software.


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