Last Chance To Plug Into The Matrix: 4 Days Left!

A couple months ago we reported that SOE was pulling the plug on The Matrix Online on July 31, 2009. With just four more days to go until the MMO "fades to black" forever, this is your last chance to jump back in the game and check out the end-of-game events that are still taking place until this Friday. Here's a reminder, from the official release:

"During the last two weeks that MxO will be available, we intend to initiate a world-ending event and invite our active MxO subscribers with accounts in good standing to participate in bringing Mega City down together.  We will go out with the same level of dramatic in-game event that has kept this game exciting over the years.  Get ready to jack in and become part of the final chapter of the story!"

Don't forget; everyone who had a subscription to The Matrix Online in the past can get back online and play for free. Check out this prior announcement for more details. If you enjoyed the MMO, you might want to be there this Friday when the Matrix "de-rezzes" permanently, if only for nostalgia's sake.


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