TwelveSky 2 Server Merge Set for Aug. 4

The TwelveSky 2 team announced on the front page of the game's official site today that "after much trepidation," a server merge will take place on Aug. 4. There's a whole list of things that will happen during the merge, such as the clearing of friends' lists and the looting of clan treasuries, which can be found in this forum thread or after the jump.

There's currently a lot of discussion going on about the merge in the thread, with players both for and against the change. Those who applaud the merge hope it will breathe new life into the game, while naysayers are concerned about topics such as lag. The game celebrated its commercial launch two months ago on May 26.

1. Friends' List will be cleared.

2. All Houses will be disbanded.

    - All House Masters shall be reimbursed with the silver used to create and expand the house.

3. Master and Disciple ties will be severed.

    - Merit points shall remain.

4. Clan Leaders will undergo succession.

    - There can only be one clan leader per clan. The Clan leader with the higher level, experience and points will be appointed new Clan leader

5. Clan Treasuries will be looted.

    - All Clan treasuries shall be set to zero.

6. All alliances will be revoked.

7. All vaults will be emptied.

    - Kindly move all items from your vault into the inventory or bank.

8. All names will be standardized.

    - Names with special characters will be given a one time name change (to normal alphabets and numbers only).

9. All In Game Characters will be merged into one account.

    - The 3 highest level in game characters will be merged into the account. The rest will be deleted.

10. All Holy Stones will be reset.

    - All Clans shall have their stones returned.

11. Dragonfall status will be reset.

    - No Clan shall hold the Dragonfall form.


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