Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Announced For AoC

Age of Conan fans will definitely have something to look forward to this year (or perhaps next) as FunCom has announced an expansion for their struggling MMO: Rise of the Godslayer. This new expansion, however, will not see a raise in the level cap; instead, FunCom will be releasing a new Asian-themed continent, Khitai, along with a a new playable race, the Khitan. The new expansion will see a nice increase to the pre-existing game, as there will be low-level content for levels 20 and up, as well as an alternate advancement system that will allow players to broaden the range of their abilities and diversify their powers. In other words, this expansion will definitely put a lot of meat onto what most considered to be an MMORPG that was fairly sparse at launch: is this a sign that Age of Conan will be coming back? EuroGamer has also posted a preview of the expansion on their website, although a date of release has not yet been established.


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