Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore - Kernagir

The latest installment of Underfoot's Unfolding the Lore series is out and fills us in on Kernagir, The Shining City:

Kernagir, The Shining City

Kernagir is also known as the Shining City, where the chosen of Brell Serilis go to live out eternity in Underfoot. It was constructed by the finest craftspeople of Norrath to serve and glorify Brell.

While other races have occasionally been granted access, Kernagir is mainly inhabited by dwarves, Coldain, gnomes, goblins, gnolls and other craftsmen of several trades. The highest tier of denizens in the city are the designers and architects, those whose inspirations and ideas fill the worlds of Brell's creatures with incredible innovations. With unlimited natural resources at their disposal and unlimited time to work with them, these crafters are free for their creative pursuits.

"Why do we build? We were created in His image -- to craft, to construct, to engineer, to tinker. We build because it is our purpose and the ultimate expression of our creator's will. We build for his glory and for his approval. We build because we can. We build because we must. We build because we are." – Kaffidor, Paladin of Brell

Buildings within the city were created with bright and beautiful stone, decorated with colorful glass, magical sigils, runes, and gold trimmings. Most were built in honor of Brell, for his minions have no need of sleep and own nothing that they do not need to do their tasks.

Life in Kernagir is normally peaceful as Brell was fairly restrictive about who was allowed entry. Recently though, things have taken a dark turn in the Shining City. A rift has formed among some of the beings that dwell there. Many of the residents are no longer interested in cooperating with their fellow craftsmen. Fortunately none dare to break the peace of Kernagir so close to Brell's temple, but with increasing tensions, there is no telling how long this peace will last.

With Brell's lack of attention to his domain, these skilled craftsmen are now sought after by those who follow the Faith of Self. Bellikos envoys have already spread the heresy of individualism into the Shining City and have been actively recruiting for supporters among its denizens.

Where most of the population of the Shining City keeps their thoughts and opinions on the Heresy of Individualism to themselves, the notions spread by these emissaries are being talked about among the Creator's Guild. This has led to a philosophical schism and the taking of sides. The acrimonious debate between the two sides is descending towards violence and may lead to rampant chaos in the Shining City now that Brell's influence has disappeared.


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