Twelve Sky 2 Patch Will Increase Level Cap

MAYN Interactive has announced that the level cap will be increased to 149, also known as Deity Level 4, in Twelve Sky 2 when the next patch is implemented on Jan. 26. In addition, the Coliseum Tournament Grounds will open and let up to 35 warriors per clan enter the battle to compete for various rewards.

New maps, player combat zones, monsters and equipment will also be added to the game in the patch. You can read more about the update after the jump or in this thread on the official forums.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (January 15th, 2010) – MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., publisher of the highly successful title "Twelve Sky 2 – Rise of the Sky Clan" is set to release another exciting content pack to improve the already stellar MMORPG game play experience.

Attention all citizens of Ancient China and fellow gamers out there! We will be introducing our Deity Levels Content Pack, complete with Deity Maps, Deity Monsters, Deity Equipment, Deity Skills and several other new Player Combat features to spice up your gaming experience! These improvements are due to be patched in on 26 January 2010, so get ready for more Ancient Chinese Martial Arts combat!

Deity Levels

Chinese scholars have finally unlocked the secrets to the next level of martial arts combat! All warriors are now able to level up to Deity Level 4 (Level 149)! After rising to these coveted new ranks, players will be granted to access to all new Deity Level maps with enhanced Experience Gain! Accompanying these maps will be a variety of new monsters each utilizing different attack types – Melee, Ranged and Area Attacks.

Deity Level Warriors will also be able to duel in Stone Outpost, a new hourly war map to satiate your blood thirst!
But this is just a small preview of what is to come. These new Deity Level warriors will have their own new weapons to forge, and new skills to learn! For more information, please visit our sneak peak thread on our forum here:

Coliseum Tournament

For those of you who remember our last PvP Battle Arena event, we have more good news for you! The Coliseum Tournament Grounds will be opening its doors at the end of January 2010, allowing Adept Level 33s (Level 145s) and above to duke it out in a Clan based tournament map!

The Coliseum will allow up to 35 warriors per Clan to engage in a high stakes, no-holds barred competition to achieve glory for their Clan! Losers will receive no compensation, but each surviving winner will rewarded with 35 million in Silver and an Experience Boosting Phoenix Pill.

Furthermore, Lord Kian has decreed that the Clan that wins the Coliseum will receive either a 10% Boost to Experience Gain, a 10% Boost to Item Drop Rate or a double Contribution Point gain rate until the next Tournament!

For more details on Twelve Sky 2 – Rise of the Sky Clan, please visit our website at

For the complete content update list for January 2010, please check our forum post at


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