Contest Offers Best Buy Cash; Server Opens Jan. 26

THQ*ICE is currently hosting a sweepstakes that could earn you quite a bit of cash for a Best Buy shopping spree. Players who log into Dragonica Online with a new or existing THQ*ICE Passport through Jan. 31 will be automatically entered to win a $2,500 Best Buy gift card. Check out the official rules for more information.

In addition, the new Dekard server opens for beta testing on Jan. 26 at 5 a.m. PST as part of the New Year's Evolution event. All sorts of special events are being held in honor of Dekard's opening, and you can find all the details in this post on the official Dragonica Online site. The FAQ regarding the new server can be found after the jump.

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Server

Question: Will my characters transfer to the new server?
Answer: No. You must create a new character to play on the new server.
Q: Do I have to make a new account to play on the new server?
A: No. You can use your existing account and you will have four new character slots available on the new server.
Q: Can I use my existing ICE Cash balance on the new server?
A: Yes. Any ICE Cash you have can be used on either server.
Q: Can I trade gold or items between characters on different servers?
A: No. The server economy and mail system are completely separate.
Q: Can I transfer a character to the new server.
A: No. The new server will be open to new characters only.
Q: Can I reserve my character name on the new server.
A: No. All names are available on a first come, first served basis.
Q: I made a character on Vyvern and deleted it, and I can't get the name again. Can I get that name on the new server?
A: If the name is not being used and is available, you can use that name.
Q: Is the new server different than the existing one?
A: There will be a delay in the opening of Emporia War on the new server. The leveling curve, classes, and all other features of the game are the same on both servers. 


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