Long Live The (Wonder)King: NDOORS' Latest 2D MMO

NDOORS Interactive's latest MMO, the 2D-cutesy-sidescroller WonderKing Online, is aiming to challenge MapleStory for a slice of the MMO pie. But can they do it?

WonderKing has the standard Cash Shop available, with a nice variety of avatar items available for 90 days rent, and many more on their way out the door. Perhaps one unique aspect may be WonderKing's use of "mounts," where players can ride things like Tigers and Steam Powered Robots, but they need to purchase something called "mount fuel" (which is cheap and can be bought with regular gold) in order to keep trucking.

But WonderKing, like any other MMORPG, is not completely free from criticism. One huge problem that NDOORS will have to address soon is the amount of botting and use of third-party programs. Throughout our playtime, it wasn't too uncommon to walk into a map and suddenly watch all of the monsters on-screen take massive damage and die simultaneously, while a near naked character runs around picking up the loot.

In the end, what will determine if WonderKing sinks or swims in the highly competitive world of 2D MMO gaming is entirely dependent upon the company backing it up. As it currently stands, it's quite obvious that WonderKing is lacking in content, but, in spite of this, the game is still incredibly charming and a lot of fun to play. There are talks of things like Castle Siege PvP and Battlegrounds PvP, and perhaps there might one day be some non-traditional classes for players to choose from as well. Ultimately, if NDOORS shows as much dedication to WonderKing as they've shown to Atlantica Online over the past year, there is no doubt in our minds that WonderKing may very well be (pardon the pun), the next king of 2D MMO gaming. Hail to the king, baby!

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