New Chain Armor Shown; Newbie Protection is Live

The Darkfall art team confirmed last month that it is currently working on improving or completely redoing all armor and player models in the game. We got a preview of the new human female model a few weeks ago, and the team just posted a preview of the chain armor for human males and females.

In addition, a patch was implemented today that adds the new newbie protection feature to the game. The optional system prevents new users from being attacked in the racial starting areas, but only lasts for a few hours. You can read the patch notes after the jump.

  • Newbie Protection added
  • New account management system in place
  • Improved server anti-cheat checks in place
  • Fixed bug allowing double enchantment of objects (thanks for the feedback)
  • Rebalanced all monster run speeds
  • More wildlife monsters added: moose, kangaroo, rabbit, porcupine, beaver
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for monsters
  • Updates to areas
    • Daemesh
    • Sallesh
    • Tanarak
    • Moradar
    • Moradar Gorge
    • Qurjah
    • Shoal
    • Akathos
  • New effects for these Water Magic Spells:
    • Blizzard
    • Gills
    • Icicle
    • Shards
    • Toxic Rain
    • Water Breathing
    • Weakening Chill
  • Added spawn effect to monsters
  • Tweaked mount spawn effects
  • All bows in game have been remade as the first step in an ongoing effort to revamp the graphics of all weapons
  • To further improve the Darkfall newbie experience, especially in the starting areas, new quests are now available. These range from introductory to various aspects of the game and exploration quests, to sending players across Agon to discover its splendor.


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