Combat Arms Gets a New Map and New Guns

Take over with the new ACR Blacksnake and the MG36

Combat Arms, the online FPS with 150 guns, just got two new ones and a brand new place to use them. Soldier characters will be able to spray lead with the new MG36 and the ACR Blacksnake, which has the ability to shoot two different types of bullets. Specialist characters will be able to purchase the Specialist Backpack, which gives them one special item slot and one regular weapon slot.

The new map, called Short Fuse, takes place in a research facility on the edge of a city and will offer 7 different modes of play. Also, players can now unlock upgraded versions of gear once they reach a certain rank. The new gear will look cooler and will offer substantial advantages over the enemy. All the unlocks are permanent and each player can unlock 20 for free.

Check out for more details and, since April is "Explosive Month," check out their explosively-themed sales.


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