Black Prophecy Extended Video Trailer From E3

The latest Black Prophecy trailer showcases more than two minutes of in-game footage and combat, offering a great preview of the upcoming free-to-play MMO

It's been a while since we've heard anything new about Black Prophecy, the upcoming sci-fi shooter MMO from Reakktor Media. In March, the developers finally signed a publishing deal with Gamigo, with the surprising announcement that it will be a free-to-play MMO. After limited beta testing kicked off in May, news was relatively quiet for a month, until this week at the E3 expo in Los Angeles.

Reakktor and Gamigo just released a new Black Prophecy trailer; it's more than two minutes long and features a ton of great gameplay footage. The video shows off the MMO's unique "modular build system," which players use to customize their ship's "class" and function. You can also see what it's like to interact with the mission UI and read some of the singe-player and team mission descriptions, if you watch the high-res version of the video. If you've been itching to see more ship combat, there are several PvP dogfight sequences as well. Check out the full Black Prophecy trailer from E3 after the jump!


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