The Final Day of ZAM's E3 2010 Awards

Today, we acknowledge the best of the best, from Best in Show to the best in each of the MMO categories of Real Life, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Read on the the mega-list!

We saw more than 20 MMOs at the recent E3 2010 convention in Los Angeles. We participated in the spectacle by attending parties, touring booths and watching the booths babes ... and the games, of course. So that is why each year, we honor the best of the best from each show. Over the next few days, we'll unveil our winners. Here is the schedule:


  • Best Real Life Game
  • Best Fantasy Game
  • Best Sci-Fi Game
  • Best in Show

Day 1:

  • Best Party
  • Best Booth
  • Best Family Game

Day 2:

  • Best Trailer
  • Biggest Surprise
  • Best Demo

So stay with us all three days as we unveil the winners. In case you missed our coverage, you can check out the E3 index page.

Best in Show

Winner: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Runner Up: TERA

For us, the whole show came down to these two games. They had the biggest buzz before the show, and after it was all over, both still stood apart from the rest. From trailers to demos, both games showed their strengths in big ways. The hardest part was picking a winner.

In the end, The Old Republic took top honors because it unveiled more tidbits of what was coming in the future, while at the same time offering a chance to play in the starting area of most of the playable classes. Had we had time, we would have played all the classes, but even playing just the Bounty Hunter gave us an excellent feel for some early story and the ability to choose a good or evil path.

TERA had an excellent showing in its own right, as evidenced by the win in the Fantasy and Demo categories. But it's hard to argue with the Star Wars universe, especially when all indications are that this LucasArts venture into the MMO space will be much better than its last.

Best Real Life Game

Winner: All Points Bulletin (APB)

It may be a bit unfair to choose APB for this award because the game was 90 percent done when we saw it at E3, and has since hit store shelves. But no matter how we examined it, the game looked and played great, which is what awards are all about. Whether you were taking cars and running over pedestrians as a criminal, or spotting crimes and arresting criminals as an enforcer, APB made player-vs.-player fun. Add the level of avatar and vehicle customization and a world reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, made selecting APB as best Real Life game was an easy choice.

The hard part will be deciding which side to play.

Runner Up: The Agency

Playing in the world of spies has a certain allure. We've all had our moments of making believe we were a superspy like James Bond. With The Agency, players get to live out that fantasy as an agent or mercenary. You gather operatives to assist you in getting your missions done and don’t have to go against other players unless you are in the mood. And the PvP mode on display at E3 this year made the concept of using your gadgets against your opponents all the more intriguing. The game isn't set for release until 2011, but the game had enough going for it to make us renew our passports for some extended overseas espionage.

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