Hello Kitty Online to raise funds for more charity

Is anyone else impressed with just how philanthropic this Hello Kitty MMORPG has become?

Talk about your socially minded MMOs! Throughout the month of September, Hello Kitty Online is planning to kick off a unique online charity event for their players. This time around, players will take part in the "Chocolate Harbour Rescue" in-game event, when an offshore chocolate refinery spills tons of chocolate into the sea. Players will need to head down to Sanrio Harbour to mop up this choclaty mess with Mop-a-Chocs, where they will then generate donation points and virtual chocolate bags full of special rewards. At the end of the month, Sanrio Digital will add up the total donation points generated and will then donate that amount to both Oceana and UNICEF, with each receiving 50% of the total.

For those of you who don't know, Oceana is an international organization focused on ocean conservation (HKO is focusing specifically on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill), while UNICEF is trying to drive charitable missions into Pakistan, which has been ravaged by massive floods. Unfortunately, UNICEF has just recently announced that its life-saving missions in Pakistan may be in jeopardy due to a shortfall in funding. Let's get to mopping up that chocolate in Hello Kitty Adventures, everyone!


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