DOFUS's Frigost Ep. 2: Attack of the Foux Fighters

For those of you who have slogged your way through Episode 1, now's your chance to square off against the sinister Snowfoux in episode 2!

Let's see if I can get the numbers right here: 5 new areas, 4 new dungeons, 30 new and exclusive monsters, 40 puzzling quests and 130 new items, of which, more than 50 can be equipped! I'm assuming the other 70 or so items that can't be equipped should all be edible, but that's just me.

Either way, all of this and more are waiting for players in DOFUS's latest content update, Frigost: Episode 2 - Attack of the Foux Fighters! These sinister Snowfoux are led by the powerful Fuji Snowfoux, and him and his vulpines have invaded the Snowbound Village. Players will be charged with hunting down these Snowfoux to free the village and, from there, to continue on their adventure in Episode 2!

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