Global Agenda celebrates player appreciation month

To show their players that they really care, Hi-Rez Studios has a nice surprise in store for July

Players are always hard to appreciate. You work hard around the year to bring out new content, but if the servers go down even once for an hour, you can erase all those good vibes in a single power failure. That being said, however, Hi-Rez Studios has decided to undertake the monumental task of showing their care with their announced "player appreciation month," where, until the first week of August, each week will feature a 50% sale for a different class for all of their AP shop purchases. This week, all Assault class items are on sale, and the next weeks will be Recon, Robotics and the Medic, in that order. So if you picked up Global Agenda from Steam recently, find out when your class is up, and start saving for those sales!


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