Fan Faire: Clone Wars Update Connects Game, Show

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures' Mission on Iceberg Three update will bridge the gap between seasons 3 and 4 of the TV show. We got details from the team at Fan Faire!

During my time at SOE Fan Faire, I had the opportunity to attend a press conference to learn about the upcoming content update to Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Senior Producer Todd Carson and Game Designer Justin Dazet were very excited to discuss the Mission on Iceberg Three, an update that launches on July 15 and actually bridges the gap between seasons 3 and 4 of the Clone Wars television show.

Keep reading after the jump for all the details on the Mission on Iceberg Three update, as well as the trailer. There are some minor spoilers regarding the TV show, so keep that in mind.

Throughout the press conference, both Carson and Dazet emphasized that this update became a reality by working closely with LucasArts. Mission on Iceberg Three is an official extension of the show, and it will give players a part of the storyline that they won't find anywhere else. Here's the trailer for the update:

In the Mission on Iceberg Three update, the Mon Calamari have been invaded by the Separatists. General Grievous' fleet is out by the system, and the Mon Calamari king has called on the Jedi for help. Players will go through different game stages with storylines as they attempt to stop the Separatists and save the Mon Calamari. They'll even get in a lightsaber battle with Grievous himself.

The end of the update's storyline leads directly into the beginning of season 4 of the TV show. “Players will be able to say, 'Yeah, I know exactly what's going on!' ” Carson said. They'll also get exclusive looks at characters they won't see in the show. For example, they'll have a discussion with the Mon Calamari king who's mentioned in season 4, but who doesn't make an appearance because he's dead. “The game is the only place he appears. The design came directly from LucasArts,” Carson said.

“We want to put the player at the front and center of this adventure,” Dazet said. At the beginning of season 4, Padme and Anakin are helping out the Mon Calamari. The reason they're able to be there in the show is because players helped out in the game.

Carson said the storyline will continue to be available in-game after season 4 begins because they “hate taking things away.” If the update is successful, he said they'll continue to do others things like it in the future, such as introducing new characters.

Mission on Iceberg Three will also give players the opportunity to obtain a unique title. When you finish the campaign, you become a Hero of the 104th Battalion. You'll also get a special ability in the Republic Defender mini-game called the Wolffe Pack that lets you drop Commander Wolffe and his commandos on the map.

As mentioned, the update launched on July 15 in Clone Wars Adventures. You'll get to play the first stage as a free player, but you'll have to become a paid Jedi Member to play through the rest of it.

In addition to the Mission on Iceberg Three discussion, Carson and Dazet announced that Clone Wars Adventures is currently featured on McDonald's Happy Meal boxes. Pick one up to get a code for an exclusive C-3PO in-game pet, as well as a physical toy. “We've been holding onto the C-3PO pet for a special occasion,” Carson said.

Darryl Gangloff, editor-in-chief


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