Fallen Earth Patch Upgrades Fast Travel System

Fallen Earth patch 1.9.2 is scheduled to launch tomorrow, August 9 at 10 a.m. EDT. This update includes a revamped and upgraded fast travel system, combat tweaks, PvP improvements, and tons of bugfixes.

The new fast travel system allows players to move between certain LifeNet pods, as seen in the screenshot. Players need to turn in missions at each LifeNet pod to unlock the ability to use Fast Travel in those pods. The level requirements are 1 for Sector 1, 15 for Sector 2, 23 for Sector 3, 35 for Deadfall, 35 for Terminal Woods, and 45 for Sector 4. You can set any LifeNet pod as your Home position and transport there with a new item.

For more details, check out the patch notes. Just to be clear, this isn't the free-to-play patch. Fallen Earth will be adopting a free-to-play hybrid model later this year. You now need a free GamersFirst account to log into the game, which means Fallen Earth is well on its way to becoming F2P.


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