Gods & Heroes Kicks Off Production Blog Series

Heatwave Interactive has kicked off a new series of production blog posts on the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising official forums. Associate Producer Mike Metzler has already penned a couple of posts that focus on the future of the game and crafting. Here's a summary of his main points:

  • Players can now expect a regular patch every Thursday that will occur sometime between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. CDT.
  • Level 30-40 content is currently in development.
  • Heatwave is looking at “Rule Rome” as a the focal point for their vision. It seems players are interested in actual Roman history, politics and culture with a heavy emphasis on the Estates.
  • Crafting is out of the planning stage and is officially being worked on. The tech is scheduled to be complete on October 1, and crafting content will follow. "Down the road, we have a vision for an amazing crafting system being run through the estates in a way that would make your head explode if I even began talking about it," Metzler said.

If you're interested in trying out Gods & Heroes, Heatwave recently launched a 3-day free trial.


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