The Shadow Lairs come to Spiral Knights!

Spiral Knights is implementing some new content for any brave player who really wants a good challenge

Some great new stuff to come out of the Spiral Knights team... The Shadow Lairs! Now any player who makes it to floor 23 of the Clockwork Terminal can access a new area north of the elevator that will lead to some brand new Shadow Lairs. These Shadow Lairs are supposed to contain some of the most difficult challenges yet faced by the Knights, including the rabid Snarbolax, the Frigid Ice Queen, the Roarmulus Twins, and the Darkfire Vanaduke. For any player brave enough to face those depths, however, there are some fantastic items to be found, including the materials to craft the Heavenly Iron Armor as well as special boss-themed equipment, like the Snarbolax Coat.

Also included with this new Shadow Lair expansion comes Spiral Knights' Halloween festivities in the form of the Dark Harvest Festival. From now until November 1st, the game will feature Halloween-themed decorations and dungeons will have special rooms inhabited by the Pumpkin King. If you collect tokens in the form of candy, you'll also be able to exchange them for some special masks; some of which last up to two weeks, while others can last forever!


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