WAKFU Launches With Special Offers

The last beta day for WAKFU is over and that means you can begin to take advantage of all the WAKFU launch offers. By subscribing now players can enjoy a complete and limitless gaming experience that offers:

  • Battles against high-level monsters.
  • Filling your pouch by minting as many of your very own kamas as you like.
  • Take part in colossal PvP battles at times of war between Nations.
  • Practice the 16 professions available in game and learn how to make all the rarest equipment.
  • Vote in the elections for Governor, or even run for office.
  • Climb to the top of Mount Zinit and try your hand at overthrowing Ogrest!

There are plenty of differences between subscribers and non-subscribers, so be sure to check out the "Why Subscribe to WAKFU" page for more details!

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