Specializations coming to Champions Online

Customization is the name of the game.

Seems like the folks over at Champions Online want to give players more customization options, as they've revealed in their new specialization system on the public test servers. This new specialization system will let players invest points into their "specialization tree," which grant special bonuses depending on what points the champion chooses to invest. In total, each "tier" of the specialization tree will only allow 10 specialization points, after which the player is forced to invest his or her points in the next tier of the tree.

This is a fantastic addition to Champion Online, as players have often complained that the game's feeling of progression tends to fall off around level 20 and above. Now, progression points allow players to look forward to specializing their champion even more at the higher levels, while also supporting different play styles in the general population.

You can read the full dev blog post on specializations on the Champions Online website.


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