Champions Online Winter Event is Live

Winter starts in the Millennium City and will run until December 30th.

The Winter Event started again in Champions Online on December 5th, and interested Heroes will find a basic tree in the Renaissance Center. The transformation of Millennium City will continue on December 14th, then on December 24th you’ll find Santa and his presents under the fully decorated tree. The event conclude onDecember 30th at 7:00 AM PST.

Heroes will have to stop Black Harlequin from completing his evil plan of delivering thousands of deadly presents around Millennium City.

This year, the March of the Mecha Soldiers mission is bundled into a Custom Alert with new rewards.

The March of the Mecha Soldiers Custom Alert will be familiar but received several additions. You won't have to go through the entire winter event to get to Black Harlequin, as this part is turned into a Custom Alert which you'll be able to complete more than once per day. As with all Alerts, it will be level gated and you'll need to be at least level 20 to enter.

The Alert will be challenging but will reward new costume pieces: the Blunderbuss weapon piece, Harquebus weapon costume and windup key costume piece.

While Black Harlequin is in his foundry, his huge teddy bear Clarence is terrorizing Millennium City's citizens. You'll be able to join the Champions in defending the city from the Attack of the Misfit Toys. Throughout the event you’ll be able to find randomly spawning x-mas presents where players can receive action figure parts and x-mas items or just stumble into a trap and be ambushed.

Make sure to tell about your achievements on the Champions Online Forums!

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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