Traversing Telara 17: Goblins and Stonefield

In issue 17 of Traversing Telara, Anmar faces the danger of the Dragon Idols as danger lurks for Quicksilver College.

Traversing Telara is an exclusive series of articles from Trion Worlds that explores Rift's lore and gameplay mechanics through the eyes of one intrepid adventurer. It's a great read and a fantastic introduction to the world of Telara. Even if you're a veteran of Rift, you might enjoy hearing about the game from another perspective! Read on for Traversing Telara #17: Goblins and Stonefield!


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Anmar can’t put it off any longer.  He has to take care of the goblin problem north of Quicksilver College before it gets out of hand. There are a number of stages to this, and the first comes from Jerome Drift at the college itself. Some of his students have been kidnapped by the goblins in Snarebrush Grot. The goblins have hooked them up bloodthirsty Dragon Idols that are draining his students of life force. I’m to infiltrate the goblin camp and destroy the idol and rescue the students.


But before I can do that I am to find something called a Sacred Mark on the outskirts of the camp. This Sacred Mark is an ancient shrine to Tavril, and it used to keep the evil out of the woods. But with the proliferation of goblins, the shrines have been lost. If I can activate one, Tavril’s blessing might once again flow through the woods. 

This is the first thing I do, and indeed Tavril’s blessings are still held within the shrine, and I’m to use this power to slaughter twenty or so goblins. No problem there. There’s certainly enough of them around.

Once I’ve taken care of the shrines and rescued the students, my attention turns to my next task. You see, the goblins haven’t just taken students but normal citizens as well. The problem is, it’s too late for these poor souls. They’ve already been killed, their corpses left to rot in the heat. But I can still help them by using the Wand of Grace to give them a Vigil’s blessing so they can finally find peace.

Bestowing the peace of the Vigil on the slain brings me close to a war camp of the goblins. Harold Adler of Silverwood thinks they might be there to deal with the Aelfwar, but he is convinced it’s only a matter of time before they turn the war machines in the direction of Quicksilver College.

The catapults are protected by fierce goblins a couple of levels higher than Anmar, but he manages to deal with them easily enough.

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