RaiderZ Open Beta Begins

The monster-hunting hordes descend on Rendel, make feathery mounts

What do you do when your closed beta results in eager players slaughtering over 500,000 deadly monsters? If you are Gameforge, then you make an infographic to commemorate the carnage, and then follow it up by subjecting your monstrous creations to the onslaught of thousands more blood-thirsty players. RaiderZ, the monster-hunting MMO developed by Maiet, has finally entered open beta. If taking down a range of truly epic foes sounds like your foaming mug of Mountain Dew, then head on over to the official RaiderZ US website, or the european site, to register your account and start downloading the client.

The level cap in RaiderZ has been raised to 35, and players can now explore new areas of Rendel; Rits, Riode and the Grand Wall of Silence. That last one sounds particularly ominous to me. If HunterZ need a break from the fiendish creature encounters, they can now relax with a little retail therapy. Vanity and convenience items have been added to the time shop, in the form of costumes, resurrection stones, and skill resets. Gareth Harmer spoke to Rüdiger Moersch from Gameforge during the summer, and you might remember that the Producer was adamant that no 'pay-to-win' items would be introduced to the cash store, and the developers certainly seem to be sticking to that motto. 

As for those that made it into the closed beta, the Infographic from Gameforge indicates that quite a few 'HunterZ' were very keen on a certain feathered mount. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd certainly want a nice, comfortable mount like that after a hard day of killing leviathans out in the wilds of Rendel.


Sarah "Pewter" Nichol

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