Patch Notes for November 7, 2012

Here are the patch notes for this morning's game update (taken from the patcher):

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Made several changes to the way EverQuest is compiled. Please keep an eye out for any strange behavior. If you see any, please use /bug, or leave feedback in the update thread posted in the Developer Roundtable at
- Increased the length of a friend's name that could be added using /friends.
- The command /language will now display the current language for the chat window.
- Petamorph wands now work on familiars.
- Fixed an issue with the in-game mailbox that was preventing the display of more than 10 characters.
- The "/outputfile spellbook" command will now properly output all spells in your spell book.

*** UI ***

- Added the ability to add friends from other servers in the Friends Window.
- Also made it so that the contact button in the Friends Window will operate for friends on other servers.
- Fixed a hot button text cut-off issue for Reprieve Rk. III. This also fixes some AAs with a similar issue.
- Fixed a comment typo in EQUI_Inventory.xml.
- The states of toggled buttons in the Pet Window will now persist through pet or player death.
- Added a "required level" column to the Merchant Window.
- Changed several key mapping names from "toggle (windowfunction) window" to "(windowfunction) window toggle." For example, "Toggle Party window" will now be "Party window toggle."
- Added a checkbox for audio triggers so that players may turn them off and on without deleting them.
- Fixed a visual bug with the "Hunter" button in the Achievements Window.
- Fixed a text clipping issue in note windows.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team

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