12 Days of Gaming: Nine Wurmians Rejoicing

Guest writer Stephanie Morrow takes a look at this year's updates in Wurm Online.

Wurm Online is a unique game that I had the pleasure of discovering almost three years ago (although the game has been out since 2006) and it has held my heart ever since. In it, players are able to sculpt the land, battle fierce creatures (including each other), craft an extensive number of items and claim property as their own. Each year has brought numerous updates that further enhanced the worlds as well as the players living there.

This year players have seen some of the most intense updates yet, starting with graphic revamps. Artists have been posting their progress to the forums where players can communicate and openly share their opinions. Having such a hands-on approach has done wonders for the game, and of course it doesn’t stop there.

Bridges have been a much requested feature and are now being tested. Players will finally be able to create paths that span lakes, and even oceans. There are new crates of holding that will allow players to transport bulk goods by ship without having to put the items in a raft. New specular lighting is being tested, and that doesn’t include the gigantic list of features that were rolled out through the year.

If you have ever purchased game time in the past (or plan to in the future) you may also want to check out the new premium bonus program that was begun earlier in December. Players old and new can earn achievements, titles and other rewards for subscribing. Excited yet? You should be; this game is one of my favorite hidden gems.

Written by: Stephanie Morrow of MMO Quests

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