Nexus Talk Episode 32: Closed Beta Impressions

In this week's episode of Nexus Talk, Richie Procopio shares his WildStar early-level gameplay experiences.

Just in time for 2014, it's episode 34 of Nexus Talk! The show where our very own Richie Procopio talks about all things WildStar related--and occasionally gets trolled by his kids. In this week's edition of the show, Richie talks about some of his first experiences with the early levels of closed beta and his pros and cons with the game so far; all while giving us some early-level gameplay footage.

If you're interested in some WildStar action, or just want to see Richie get trolled, then be sure to tune in to this week's episode!

For more Richie Procopio be sure to follow him on Twitter @RichieProcopio and don't forget to subscribe to the ZAMOfficial Youtube Channel for past and future episodes of Nexus Talk.

See you on Nexus!

Corey Jenkins

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