WildStar: Reloaded to Launch September 29th

This morning, NCSoft and Carbine Studios have announced that WildStar will rocket into its Free-to-Play launch on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. The second phase of CBT of the FTP transition kicks off today, which will have a focus on final fine-tuning touches, including testing out the new in-game store. Testers who purchase NCoin during CBT2 will have that currency transferred to their live characters when the FTP transition goes live.

A New WildStar Update Invades Servers


If you're still playing Wildstar, get excited because you'll soon be digging into some great new content. The update, dubbed INVASION: Nexus, has made its way to the PTR. Without further ado, let's dive straight into the goods:

WildStar Flick: Adventures

Are you ready for an adventure? Let's hope you are because Carbine has released another one of its WildStar Flicks highlighting an alternative content type to 5-man dungeons. It's time to dive head-first into Adventures!

WildStar: The Crafting Philosophy

In many MMORPGs players wield weapons of steel and magic in order to set out across foreign and dangerous lands to claim the title of "Hero". However, there are many different types of heroes. While some of these heroes are forged, there are those that do the forging themselves--these are the crafters.

Crafting in an MMORPG is usually at the economic core of any game in the genre, providing reasons for players to spend their gold and embark on adventures so that they may continue earning it. And while crafted items help provide a healthy in-game economy, a good crafting system provides much more to those who would take the time to master it. Creating a sword that was wielded by a warrior as she took on the game's final boss with her guild or a potion that allowed a healer to keep casting beneficial spells so he could continue to give his group a fighting chance. When implemented correctly, crafting provides the means for players to leave their mark in the game world in unique and helpful ways.

In Carbine's upcoming MMORPG, WildStar, crafting sits near the center as one of the game's core features. I received the opportunity to attend a round table discussion where WildStar's very own Econ Designer, Phillip Chan aka PChan, as we discussed Carbine's philosophies on crafting and what there goals for crafting systems are in WildStar. If you're unfamiliar with WildStar's crafting systems, or just want to brush up on some crafting-goodness, be sure to check out my "Crafting Deep Dive" article where I explain all the basics of WildStar's crafting and gathering systems.

Without further delay, let's talk crafting!

Nexus Talk Episode 36

It's another week ladies and gentlemen, which means another episode of Nexus Talk is here! For episode 36 we take a look at a WildStar feature that hits a little closer to home--literally. Join Richie Procopio this week as he introduces WildStar's "player housing" and goes over some of the basic features and functionalities of your very own home in the sky. With everything from kiddie pools to tornados, you may find yourself putting off raid night for some much needed "home time." Check it out!

Nexus Talk Episode 35

Nexus Talk Episode 35 is here! If you still haven't gotten your fill of WildStar's stealthy Stalker class this week, Richie Procopio is here to give you another dose of some Stalker action. Join Richie as he details the Stalker class, recaps Carbine's Stalker class livestream and shows off some of his own live gameplay of this stealthy assassin.

Don't take your eyes off of this WildStar class, or it might be the last thing you see.

WildStar: Stalker Livestream Recap

Starting off 2014 with some slice 'n' dice action, Carbine aired its long awaited WildStar Stalker livestream which highlighted the game's stealth class.

Nexus Talk Episode 34

Nexus Talk Episode 34 is live! This week, Richie Procopio takes a look at Accessibility Vs Complexity in the upcoming MMO, WildStar, and how new players might take to the game. He also shares a bit of his own speculation and experiences after being able to run around on Planet Nexus, so stay tuned!

Nexus Talk Episode 33: Introduction to Crafting

Another week is here which means another episode of Nexus Talk! This week, join Richie Procopio has he goes over the basics of WildStar's crafting system. If you like "shinies" and hoverboards, this episode is for you!

Nexus Talk Episode 32: Closed Beta Impressions

Just in time for 2014, it's episode 34 of Nexus Talk! The show where our very own Richie Procopio talks about all things WildStar related--and occasionally gets trolled by his kids. In this week's edition of the show, Richie talks about some of his first experiences with the early levels of closed beta and his pros and cons with the game so far; all while giving us some early-level gameplay footage.

If you're interested in some WildStar action, or just want to see Richie get trolled, then be sure to tune in to this week's episode!