Dragon Nest Gets New Content Update

Players can enjoy a new story and the added Talisman system.

Nexon America released the first update of 2014 for Dragon Nest. The update includes:

  • 3rd Abyss Expansion zone: Jasmine’s Base
  • Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore mode
  • New Talisman System

Players who have reached Level 50 and above can access the 3rd Abyss Expansion, which includes the story of Jasmine’s discovery of an Ancients’ ruins and it’s power. Over 20 new quests have been added to challenge players within the 3rd Abyss Expansion.

Also new with this month’s update is the Talisman System that allows players to enhance any of the following stats: Strength, Agility, Intellect, Physical/Magical Damage, Critical Rate, Paralyze ability, and Stun chance. Using the new Talisman tab on the Character Window, Talismans can be dragged into any open slot on the player’s character. This increases or decreases the player’s stats based on slot location. Players can only equip these talismans while in town or before they descend into dungeons or player versus player (PvP) arenas.

And for players looking for the ultimate challenge, there’s the new Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore Mode! Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore Mode will open up for those who are level 60 and have the “Zakad’s Third Eye,” which can be obtained from Desert Dragon Nest Normal Mode. In Hardcore mode the nest must be cleared in less than 40 minutes and can only be cleared once a week. The toughest challenge of all is that players cannot revive if they die. Once the mode has been completed, players will be rewarded with an exclusive achievements, Legendary items and equipment, and Legendary Hidden Ability Sparks.

For more information regarding the new Dragon Nest update, please visit http://dragonnest.nexon.net/.

  Source: Press Release


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