Dragon's Prophet: New Producer's Letter and Zone

Todd Carson talks future updates; the game's first underwater dungeon is added.

Dragon's Prophet takes a dive underwater with the release of its first underwater dungeon, the Shrine of Handras. With the new Olandra zone update players will enjoy new boss mechanics, powerful new weapons, stone shards, more dragons and a level cap increase to 94.

Northeast of Alentia, in the northernmost explored region in Auratia, lays Olandra. Though a seemingly calm region with blue skies and clear weather -- a welcomed environment for adventurers who have recently braved the harsh environments of Wintertide and Alentia -- Olandra is hiding a dark secret.Years ago, a powerful skeletal dragon known as Handras the Indigo Fog left behind crystals infused with his power. Now, some of Olandra's most corrupted have obtained the crystals and are trying to eradicate all dragons from Auratia.

Senior Producer Todd "Tanthor" Carson recently published a Producer's Letter talking about future updates.

Coming in the next month we will begin to introduce several Dragon [battle] arenas. In fact, we should be getting our very first look internally at it later this week. Stay tuned for some screen shots.

We will also introduce our latest adventure zone, Olandra. This will increase the maximum player level from 90 to 94 and will introduce three new dungeons, one of which is an awesome underwater 5-man Legendary Dungeon called the Shrine of Handras.

What else? How about a whole new Dragon Evolution system that allows players to train their dragon in multiple ways? It will highlight the features of each dragon type, enrich the dragon system, and bring players many new advantages. We will also be comprehensively inspecting each class and making adjustments to ensure they are both useful and fun in a group.

An epic game always needs to continuously be improved, and it will be an abundant and fascinating year of Dragon’s Prophet in 2014. A big thank you to all of our players! Your support is the main power of our improvement. Have a happy and joyful year in 2014, both in the world of Dragon’s Prophet and in life.

Check out the official site to read the full letter and check out the Olandra update patch notes.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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