Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha Begins Soon

Blizzard's upcoming MOBA nearing its alpha testing stages. Find out how you can be selected to help test the game!

The time is finally approaching! Today Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Technical Alpha for its upcoming MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm, would soon be on its way and a select number of players would be invited to partake in the testing. Get ready to enter the Nexus!

"We’ve been hard at work on Heroes of the Storm since you last got your hands on the game at BlizzCon 2013 and we’re gearing up to invite a very limited number of players to join us in an initial phase of infrastructure and technology testing that we’re calling the Technical Alpha."

In case your wondering what exactly a Technical Alpha is, it's a pre-beta stage of the game and also very early alpha. During the Tech Alpha, the team will primarily be focused on testing the game's support structures including infrastructure testing and gathering data from a broader spectrum of machines and connection types. While a select few players will be granted access to test the game during this stage of alpha, the team wants to remind testers that they will encounter bugs and/or features that have not yet been fully implemented into the game.

And on a final note regarding invites, alpha testing will be restricted to the US for now until the team is ready to expand access overseas. While this may be a bit upsetting to any fans not in the US, at least we can say that Heroes is starting to get things rolling a bit, right? Also, once the Tech Alpha officially arrives, there will be no NDA so you can definitely expect extensive coverage going forward.

So how can you get selected to test the Tech Alpha? Well, in order to have the best chances, make sure you've opted in for testing Heroes of the Storm using the Blizzard Beta Profile Page. Remember, you'll only be selected to test the game through official channels, so be on the lookout for scams.

With Tech Alpha on its way along with a non-existent NDA, I'm sure we'll be hearing more news regarding this upcoming title in the coming weeks. As always, for additional information on Heroes of the Storm be sure to visit the official website and stay dialed into ZAM for more news and updates.

See you in game!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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