Dawngate Moves Into "Community Beta" Phase

The floodgates are open. Jump into the Dawngate beta with no key required.

Waystone Games has announced that its upcoming MOBA, Dawngate, will be entering a new "Community Beta" phase. This phase of beta will allow players to jump in and take a crack at the game without first needing to enter a key, which should serve as a way to get more players in and provide the developers with the data they need in order to make Dawngate the next great MOBA to hit the scene.

So what does Community Beta mean exactly? With the removal of the beta key requirement, one might automatically associate it with an open beta of sorts–and to be honest, you wouldn't be far off. However, the team over at Wayward feels that when they officially go into open beta, the game will be in an even more polished state than it is currently. For now its goal is to get as many players in game in order to help the developers shape Dawngate and provide crucial feedback and testing as things move forward. Additionally, for those planning to participate in the Community Beta, the Dawngate store will be officially made open and ready for players to use.

In light of the Community Beta beginning, Lead Producer of Dawngate, Dave Cerra, had a few words to share.

"I’m proud to announce that Dawngate’s Beta is entering a new phase: Community Beta.

 We’ve been heads down with players for almost a year iterating on the game, tuning, and getting the kinks worked out of our internal pipelines as we’ve slowly grown the game. We’ve made great progress and it’s time to start connecting to more players...

...Whether you know me from Twitter or my lurking in the r/dawngate subreddit, or have been lucky enough to have to carry me through a game of Dawngate, you know I’m embarrassingly passionate about our game. Thanks for helping us beta test. Thanks for believing that this is a genre. I know the revelation of The Dawngate Chronicles blew a ton of people away. If you like where we’re headed, I promise you there’s more coming. We need you to help us make it great.

See you guys in the Dawngate,"

If you're heading to PAX East this year, you can play the game and catch the Dawngate dev team as they give away cool swag and chat with members of the community. You can also check them out live on the official Waystone Games Twitch Channel during the weekend. Be sure to sign up for the Community Beta and for more information, news and updates regarding the upcoming MOBA Dawngate, keep it locked to ZAM.

Good Hunting!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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