EA Pulls the Plug on Dawngate


EA has decided to shelve its new MOBA Dawngate before it even made it through beta testing. This is a sad development to be sure; the game had some promising concepts to build upon assuming it generated a healthy playerbase (which seems to have been the issue). The cancellation was announced by Group General Manager Matt Bromberg. In the post he gave EA's reasoning as to why they had to make the difficult decision to shut down the game:

Gamescom 2014: EA Main Event

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E3 2014 - EA Full Trailer Wrap-Up

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EA Media Briefing - Full Rebroadcast [0h56m]

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Dawngate Moves Into "Community Beta" Phase

Waystone Games has announced that its upcoming MOBA, Dawngate, will be entering a new "Community Beta" phase. This phase of beta will allow players to jump in and take a crack at the game without first needing to enter a key, which should serve as a way to get more players in and provide the developers with the data they need in order to make Dawngate the next great MOBA to hit the scene.