SMITE God Update: Bastet

The newly-revised Goddess of Cats is revealed and discussed.

SMITE, a game of gods and glory, features a full pantheon of deities. Among them is Bastet, a goddess who Hi-Rez Studios believed to need a full visual overhaul and more. Shedding her historical appearance as a slender black cat, she adorns a fleshy peach color instead.

Including almost two minutes of lore, Hi-Rez Studios gives a complete overview:

Three changes will stand out to current players:

  • Razor Whip was previously Razor Claws
  • Declaw was previously Nine Tails.
  • Open Wound was previously Nine Lives.

We're not entirely sure why HRS opted to change Bastet's appearance so drastically. Bastet's black & gold was quite striking, and this decidedly-human appearance feels...less genuine than her original form. For specifics on how her mechanics changed, check out the full update post.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor

Tags: News, SMITE


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