Homefront: The Revolution - Announcement Trailer

Crytek reveals their gritty guerrilla warfare in an open-world dystopian America.

E3 is one week away, and the gaming hype train is full steam ahead. Leading the wave of new information is Crytek, revealing their new title Homefront: The Revolution. The trailer is suitably impressive for a Crytek game, devoid of gameplay but exploring the game's setting.

Set in Occupied Philadelphia in a nightmare near-future dystopia, Homefront: The Revolution casts the player as a civilian-turned-freedom-fighter who must rise up and lead the Resistance against a superior military force and ignite the Second American Revolution.

Homefront: The Revolution also looks to stand out with four-player co-op ("Resistance Cells") in a stealthy, open-world approach:

This is no linear shooter – within the open world structure, you will have to master the art of guerrilla warfare and use sabotage, assassination, deception, infiltration and hit-and-run tactics to erode your enemy's iron grip on the city.

Sounds good to us. Looks good, too – check out the announcement trailer below! Need gameplay? The "world premiere gameplay demo" comes next week at E3.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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