First Look at Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

Lindsay Ferguson checks out the progress on the next entry to the world of WH40K.

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade got a showing at E3 this year, and the devs at Behaviour Interactive have truly encapsulated the 40K Universe in this sprawling 3rd-person Massive Combat MMORPG. That's a beefy mouthful, but it's wholly in-line with glimpses and plans for the game. There is a lot going on, even in the context of Warhammer.

Players select one of the four factions of the 41st millennium: the Space Marines, Orks, the Eldar and the Chaos Marines, and fight other factions for control of an open, persistent world. Upon first getting the game, only the Orks are available for free. You claim territory in massive medieval warfare of the future, while earning the ability to customize your characters in a deep progression system drawn from Warhammer 40,000 lore.

Both ranged and melee have equal emphasis. Like the iconic battles of Warhammer 40,000, combat begins with guns and heavy vehicle-mounted weaponry before progressing to hand-to-hand combat as the battle escalates.

The primary focus of Eternal Crusade is the massive, persistent open-world PvP: new battle mechanics pull from medieval warfare, so face-to-face combat is more intense. Vehicle combat, psychic powers, ranged and melee classes augment the combat experience. Coordinate your role on the battlefield so that it synergizes with the needs of the campaign.

The mission structure is particularly interesting, as the idea boils down to squad-specific instructions for contributing a specialized war effort; one squad has to defend a stronghold, while another has to bring much needed weapons to a strategic location. Failing your mission is bad news, and may cause you to lose your campaign.

Winning your campaign will help you to achieve the Commander status of your chosen faction. You can elect your own leaders, who may end up commanding hundreds of other players in a battle, all the while making sure you are a boon to your campaign (and not a burden). If elected, you are able to structure your squad and strike force however you wish.

The game is free to play, but reaches $40 if you want all the microtransactions that come with the game. Players who pre-order the game get in-game currency worth $40. The dev team encourages feedback on the forums, and expects the game to launch in Fall 2015.

Below, we've got some bullet-point facts about WH40K: Eternal Crusade:


  • 3rd person action combat RPG
  • 85% of huge game is PvP, 15% is PvE
  • Fortress control, team-based; Player-driven massive warfare, front lines are the focus of conflict
  • Combat is the primary focus; Medieval warfare of the future
  • Vehicle combat, psychic powers, melee and ranged classes
  • Bolt guns, chainsaws, jump packs, and psychic powers
  • Coordinate: synergize roles on the field, form a squad, lead your faction as a commander with a strike force to really make a difference in end-game territory warfare
  • Persistent open world; 40-60 territories per continent, 300-400km world
  • Up to 1000 players on the map, single server
  • Parkour mechanics


  • Take on the life of one of four factions from the 40K universe
  • Definitive Warhammer 40K experience
  • No match-based gameplay, not a focus; creating the feel of wargaming is the focus


  • Unlock more as you play
  • Earn upgrade weapons and accessories
  • Tweak your load out; craft the perfect warrior


  • Encouraging community to participate in feedback and testing
  • Beta coming Summer 2015, game coming Fall 2015
Editor's Note: Want more? Read our interview with Miguel Caron, Studio Head at Behavior Int.!

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