Defiance: Silicon Valley World Expansion

The hybrid world of Defiance just got a little bigger.

Defiance, the experimental TV/gaming fusion, is expanding the world once more. Next week on August 5th, you can explore the remains of the overrun valley in a free world expansion.


"Von Bach Industries established a lab here and was sending shipments there when all contact with the Valley was lost. Azumi Yoshida contracted security to figure out what happened in the Valley. Karl Von Bach started to recruit people from Paradise to become implanted with EGO devices and join him in Silicon Valley."

From Trion Worlds:

"Karl Von Bach has disappeared into Silicon Valley with his EGO-imbued followers, but it's not quite the paradise they promised. The valley is overrun with Grid and a strange cult, the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light, has taken hold in locations across the zone."

Community reactions to the expansion itself seem positive enough. You can easily check it out yourself, as Defiance went free-to-play a few months ago. Trion also launched the game F2P on the 360 and PS3 just two weeks ago.

If you've never watched Defiance (the show), you've got 19 episodes to marathon. It appears weekly on Syfy, and is currently midway through Season 2.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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