PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 2

Our PAX 2014 coverage continues with more interviews from Mike B & Lindsay.

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ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. All five videos are available below for you to enjoy!

Lindsay spoke with WildStar Design Producer, Stephen Frost, about the new zone, The Defile, that Carbine was showing off at PAX. The zone (currently on the PTR) will be coming in the next ultra-drop along with a single player repeatable world story, Journey in Omnicore-1. Stephen also touched on the change from potentially buggy monthly updates to a quality-laden "when it's ready" approach.

Lindsay spoke with Trion Worlds Lead Producer, Victoria Voss, about the upcoming game release of ArcheAge. Victoria describes the world and its races, ArcheAge's background story, shows off the in-depth character creation tools and boat feature, and explains how the skill set feature works in the game. Player housing and farms are shown, mount skills and combat are briefly touched on, and much more.

ArcheAge will hold an open beta session from September 4-8 and will release on Tuesday, September 16th. Founders can get into the game early on the Head Start date of Friday, September 12th.


Lindsay spoke briefly with Plantronics Marketing Manager Jenny Adams about the 2-channel RIG Surround headset, designed for the PC. Plan to see it in the stores priced at $99 this October.


Mike B sat down with Paradox Interactive Associate Producer Peter Cornelius to discuss the upcoming co-op action-adventure, Magicka 2. They discuss what to expect from the game, its replayability, DLCs, and a brand-new artifact feature. The game is slated for the PC and PlayStation 4, and is approaching closed beta.

Lindsay snagged some time with Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder and Senior Artist Phil Gonzales at PAX Prime 2014. The gentlemen kick off the chat by showing off three new heroes: Azmodan, Chen Stormstout, and Anub'arak.

Other topics discussed are different modes being worked on as the game develops in its alpha phase, the road to closed beta, a new themed map, holiday-themed and master skins, and more.

Hoping for competitive Heroes of the Storm in eSports? Blizzard is "giving all the tools" that StarCraft II has "so that eSports can be supported" if the community desires it.

Sign up for HotS beta now on the!


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Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor
Micheal Bailey (aka Mike B), Director of Content
Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson, Brand Ambassador
Images by Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey, Deputy Editor


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