Blade & Soul Closed Beta Coming This Autumn

This morning, NCSoft announced that the Blade & Soul closed beta testing will begin on October 30th! A total of five beta weekends will occur, typically running from Fridays through Mondays, giving players around 20 days to help test both gameplay and performance of the game. The 2015 beta weekend schedule is available here.

Guild Wars 2: Week in Review

This past week has seen multiple reveals for Guild Wars 2 incuding the core game becoming free to play, the announcement of Raids and the release date announcement of Heart of Thorns.

Friday Update Arcade Episode 1

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's first-ever edition of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • PAX Prime Recap from ZAM
  • The Sims 4 isn't blowing minds (...yet?)
  • A new Saint's Row game, now with more Hell
  • WildStar gets a megaserver
  • ESO is hit with massive layoffs

PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 2

Did you miss Day 1? Catch up here!

ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. All five videos are available below for you to enjoy!

The Behemoth Reveals Game 4

Jumping out at PAX Prime is the recently-teased project "Game 4," a new title from The Behemoth. Now let's start by saying that "No, Game 4 is not the final name." If it had been though, we wouldn't have been surprised.

Game 4 is described as a "turn-based co-op adventure" in which you and a friend (optional) can "quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize your fighters, and recruit strange species!" There's also a mix of 2v2 PVP.

Curious what the game actually looks like? Here's our first shot of gameplay:

PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 1

ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. Check out the first five videos below and then hop to this article to see our Day 2 coverage!

Campo Santo Reveals Mystery Game: Firewatch

Set for a PC, Mac and Linux release in 2015, Firewatch is a mystery game where your only lifeline is the person on the other end of your handheld radio. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, your job is to look for wildfires and keep the woods safe. Something strange will draw you out from your watch tower and lead you into a world full of questions and choices.

Gigantic: Two New Heroes Announced!

This weekend at PAX Prime, Motiga announced two more playable heroes for their upcoming game Gigantic. Both of the new heroes are females, but the similarities end there.

Trion Drops a Load of Announcements at PAX

Trion Worlds has announced a myriad of timelines, expansions and launch dates for their four titles: ArcheAge, Defiance, RIFT and Trove.

PAX Prime Livestream Schedule

PAX Prime 2014 opens its doors today and the livestream schedule is packed with gaming goodness for everyone stuck at home.