RuneScape: Lost City of the Elves Launches

The 13-year-old Jagex MMO releases its first expansion pack.

Jagex has released its first-ever expansion pack for RuneScape: Lost City of the Elves! RuneScape members who have completed the Plague's End quest can now enter the gates of Prifddinas, north of Lletya.

Within the Tower of Voices (the central hub of Prifddinas), you'll be able to access the Grand Exchange and bank, train your Firemaking, travel to your clan citadel, port and house, access the Loyalty Store and more. Visit the various Elven clans around the city to see if you can help them out, and engage in some city activities such as Pickpocketing and catching the Crystal Implings.

Later this year, more sections of the city will open up: homes of the Hefin, Meilyr, Ithell and Amlodd clans. Read more about the expansion at the official site and make sure you give your feedback on RuneScape's forums!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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