Aeos Rises: A Look at Stormthrone's History

R2Games has been delving into the backstory of Stormthone: Aeos Rising.

Stormthrone: Aeos Rising is an upcoming F2P browser-based experience by R2Games, styled in the tradition of MMORPG classics. Alpha kicks off this this week so today we're delving into the game's backstory!

The History of Stormthrone

In between plugs for pre-Alpha minigames (from which you can earn codes for in-game currency before the Alpha begins on November 19th) and comedic glimpses into the work life of monsters, R2Games has been quietly posting surprisingly rich lore nuggets about Stormthrone's game world.

About its game universe, actually. By the time you reach the end of "Aeos Rises: Part 1", Aeos hasn't even been created yet – but a great war has broken out between the pioneer gods who colonized an empty universe and the demons that live to destroy it. It's deep stuff, and while it's not like gods and demons ever get along in most fantasy worlds, there's enough style to make it worth taking a look.

Part 2 starts out with a poetic look at Stormthrone's demons:

A demon has three names.
The first is a curse of awakening – even in death, a demon cannot rest until the universe is dark.
The second is a curse of hatred – for life, for light, for the song of all things.
The third is a curse of memory – the burden of knowing all that came before was for nothing.

Guided by a mysterious force called the Voice Below, these infernal adversaries are fully aware of their fallen state. Again, Stormthrone is walking on familiar ground.

But the thing is, they win. Aeos is only created when three gods decide to take a chance, gear up with the divine Aeon Weapons, and give the whole world-making thing another try.

Stormthrone heroes don't fight moustache-twirling demons trying to corrupt the world for the hell of it – they fight demons trying to crush the last pocket of resistance in a universe that's basically theirs. Looks like R2Games has given a pretty neat spin to some familiar themes, and that's a good thing in the crowded browser MMO market. 

If you're looking for even more story, Aeos Rises: Part 3 is now available. Get ready for the November 19th Alpha by checking out the official site and keep in touch with Stormthrone on Facebook and Twitter!

 Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

Supplemental material provided by R2Games


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