Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Heroes

Justice comes in all forms.

PAX East 2015 is currently underway and the team at Blizzard Entertainment has taken it upon themselves to reveal two new heroes that will be making their way to the Overwatch starting lineup. Introducing the futuristic gunslinger, Jesse McCree, and the frontline soldier, Zarya.

Jesse McCree

McCree is an offensive revolver-wielding gunslinger, formerly of the organization of heroes known as Overwatch. After the dispersal of the super hero group, McCree became a mercenary for hire serving justice on his own terms.

McCree's abilities include:


   McCree Fires off around from his trust six-shooter. He can fan the Peacekeeper's hammer to swiftly unload the entire chamber.

Combat Roll-

   McCree dives in the direction he's moving, effortlessly reloading his peacekeeper in the process.


   McCree heaves a blinding grenade that explodes shortly after it leaves his hand. The blast staggers enemies in a small radius.

Deadye (Ultimate Ability)-

   Focus.Mark.Draw. McCree takes a few precious moments to aim; when he's ready to fire, he shoots every enemy in his line of sight. The weaker his targets are, the faster he'll line up a killshot.


Last, but definitely not least, we have the frontline "Tank" Zarya. After sacrificing fame and fortune, Zyra serves to protect those important to her and stand as a stalwart symbol to her fellow soldiers.

Zarya's abilities include:

Particle Cannon-

   Zaray's mighty Particle Cannon unleashes a short-range beam of destructive energy. Alternatively, Zarya can lob an explosive charge to strike multiple opponents.

Particle Barrier-

   The Particle Cannon can emit a personal barrier that shields Zarya against incoming attacks, redirecting their energy to enhance her weapon's damage and the width of its beam.

Projected Barrier-

   Zarya surrounds one of her teammates with an energy barrier that simultaneously absorbs fire and boosts the power of her Particle Cannon.

Graviton Surge (Ultimate Ability)-

   Zarya launches a gravity bomb that draws in enemy combatants and deals damage while they're trapped.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

In addition to the new hero reveals, Blizzard has also shown the latest Overwatch map–Watchpoint Gibraltar–said to be home to some interesting lore and backstory tidbits. Beta testing for Overwatch will begin in Fall of this year. For more information on this upcoming team-shooter, check out the official Overwatch website and don't forget to keep it locked to ZAM and OverKing.


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