A New WildStar Update Invades Servers

A new WildStar update has been pushed to the public test realm.


If you're still playing Wildstar, get excited because you'll soon be digging into some great new content. The update, dubbed INVASION: Nexus, has made its way to the PTR. Without further ado, let's dive straight into the goods:


These little bite-sized chunks of content are designed to cater to players who love WildStar but are short on the time to play. There will be three different difficulty tiers in order to accomodate the varied playerbase. These contracts will grant access to better gear so that even if you can't spare a ton of time, you can still make progress.


This update is bringing with it a snazzy "Holo-Wardrobe" which enables players to change their style any way and anywhere they see fit. Want to look like a rabid, PvP killing machine? You got it. How about a fluffy, nature-loving explorer? Go for it. The way you look can be changed on the fly for the occasion or just because you can.


It can get lonely on Nexus sometimes, and that's why vanity pets now exist! They may not be able to fight, but I'd be damned if they aren't the cutest things I've ever seen (see above header image). Other players can get annoying, your new vanity pet only exists to follow you around and look awesome.

Initialization Core Y-83

This new 20-person raid promises to be just as harsh and infuriating as every other instanced part of WildStar. If that sounds like your kind of gig, you will be rewarded with some fantastic loot while saving Nexus... What's better than that?

Bay of Betrayal and the Sim-Core

Calling all adventurers! The Bay of Betrayal is a completely new "adventure set" that takes place in a recently renovated version of the Levian Bay zone. If that doesn't completely scratch your adventure itch you can journey to the Sim-Core and battle for ascendancy! This fight won't be easy and your skills will be tested. If you prove your mettle you're in for big rewards and on your way to bigger and better loot.

PvP Expansion

Being an Exile, I know how annoying it is to always have to face up against the scum of the Dominion. With this next update, I can finally live the fantasy of... fighting my friends. Okay, maybe that isn't a great fantasy, but you can now engage in PvP battle with Exiles vs. Exiles and Dominion vs. Dominion. This should spice up some of the PvP and help those in need of a change of combative scenery.

Star-Comm Station

If all of the above wasn't enough, max-level heroes can take themselves (and their sweet gear) to Star-Comm Station. Much has changed in this location since launch and you will have to battle to bring order to the area. The Caretaker really does need you, according to the devs he "needs your help to bring order to the area and secure Star-Comm Basin before one of the Eldan's deadliest lost secrets brings doom to every life form on the planet."

Get Crackin' or Wait a Bit

The update just made its way to the test realm. You can head there to check out the new content or you can wait till it hits the client. Either way you're in for what seems to be a ton of awesome content. If you stepped away from the game, now may be a great time to take the game for a spin once more.

Ian Nowakowski

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