E3 2015: Strike Vector EX Coming to Console

We checked out this space shooter that is getting a console port.

If you know my play style, you're probably aware that I'm a huge proponent of the keyboard and mouse setup for some genres of games. Playing an FPS with two joysticks will probably lead me to throwing the joysticks across the room and searching for a better control setup. Well, believe it or not, the control style for Strike Vector EX is one I actually favor. Rather than feel like I was controlling a wild horse with lasers and rocket launchers as the PC version felt at times, running with sticks and triggers felt much more natural.

You might be familiar with the hover mode in the PC version—with the advent of the controller, hover mode is the state every ship is in when they're not firing boosters. However, ships can't simply stop on a dime entering hover mode: they "skid" mid-air to stop. As far as customization goes with the controller, controls can be customized but not entirely. In addition to the "controller mapping," dual-wielding weapons has been pulled from the game, so we'll no longer see plasma cannons with homing rockets.

Veteran PC players rejoice! The console port will have an expanded server base, so there won't be any joining low-ping servers with low-count players. Additionally, servers can have options to populate the open player spots with ship bots, so even if there's not another human player itching to frag, explosions-a-plenty are still available. As human players join, bots drop. Everyone wins, unless you run into a wall. I noted during the E3 game demo that running into walls wasn't an insta-suicide. The developers scaled back on that aspect, much to my satisfaction.

To add, there's a more legitimate single-player mode available for the console port! It has added an actual story element to the game, and as a shooter progresses through the story mode, they unlock more capabilities for the ship. Instead of just straight time trials and "destroy X balloons, congratulations" missions, the solo play throws in more replay value for the console title.

Unfortunately for many, cross-platform play won't be available. It's a dream to see that eventually come to fruition, but the control styles clash and it won't be in this iteration of Strike Vector EX.

Strike Vector EX releases on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year!

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