Site Update #6

Site Update

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Updated Items: Band of Living LavaEnchanted Honed Bloodied Luclinite

Updated Quests: 23rd Anniversary - Risky Rat Rescue - Group Mission


Updated Items: Sharkbite

Bestiary Updates: Ol` Grinnin` Finley - CoVTabool Groutfist [Melee and Hybrid Augmentations]


Updated Items: Wintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Helm OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Scalemail Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Helm OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Helm OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Plate Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Leather Helm OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Helm OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Cloth Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Chest OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Arms OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Wrist OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Hands OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Legs OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Feet OrnamentWintershade's Dwarven Chain Helm Ornament

New Quests: Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Scalemail (10 Points)


Updated Items: Jungle Spider BridleMusic Box: GrobbPolychrome Fungus FamiliarJungle Hatchling FamiliarFroglok Tad FamiliarFeral Froglok FamiliarDomesticated Bleeder FamiliarTroll's ButcherySign: Gunthak's BeltchOceanographer's GlobeNadox ChandelierThe Grozmok StoneDarkone's ThroneAll-Seeing SkullWretchful Trollish Scalemail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Cloth Feet OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Hands OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Wrist OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Chest OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Arms OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Feet OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Legs OrnamentWither and Decay Plate Helm OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Chest OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Hands OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Feet OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Helm OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Arms OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Wrist OrnamentWither and Decay Chain Legs OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Chest OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Wrist OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Feet OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Helm OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Arms OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Hands OrnamentWither and Decay Leather Legs OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Helm OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Arms OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Wrist OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Hands OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Feet OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Legs OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Chest OrnamentWither and Decay Cloth Robe OrnamentAmulet of the Drowned Mariner

New Quests: Hero's Forge - Wiska's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wiska's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wiska's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wiska's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wiska's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Violet Hero's Forge ClothHero's Forge - Violet Hero's Forge PlateHero's Forge - Wiska's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wither and Decay Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wither and Decay Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wither and Decay Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wither and Decay Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wretchful Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wretchful Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wretchful Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wretchful Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wretchful Scalemail (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Hero's Forge - Viridian Hero's Forge Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Viridian Hero's Forge Chain (10 Points)Trollish Heritage CrateHero's Forge - Wretchful Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Eclipsed Light Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Eclipsed Light Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Eclipsed Light Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Eclipsed Light Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Viridian Hero's Forge Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Viridian Hero's Forge Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Verdant Clockwork Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Verdant Clockwork Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Verdant Clockwork Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Verdant Clockwork Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Warmaker's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Winex's Scalemail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Plate (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Wintershade's Scalemail (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: a whirling siroccoa virga herra


Updated Items: Collector's Tizmak HornChilled BaubleAshenbone AbbasiAshenbone AxeAshenbone Shield

Updated Quests: Magic Elixir for the WarriorsShaman Epic 1.5: Crafted Talisman of FatesAchievement: Living Stone I Presume?Citizens RevoltingPut Soldiers to RestHeroes Must Die (Again)23rd Anniversary - Whispers in the Dark - Group Mission23rd Anniversary - Risky Rat Rescue - Group Mission

Updated Recipes: Combine Acrylia Temper

Bestiary Updates: a tizmak championan ashenbone drakeOrfur, Priest of Zeka Shak Dratha guardsmana Loda Kai briganda Loda Kai thug


Updated Items: Bludgeon of the Moon's Favor

Updated Quests: Fancy Feast

Bestiary Updates: Chef Saroca plump Spiroca plump streamerSledgePeakay Princess



Updated Items: Cracked Bone OrnamentDeathseeker's Shadowscale BootsScroll: ShadowscaleDeathseeker's Shadowscale WristguardDeathseeker's Shadowscale SleevesDeathseeker's Shadowscale LeggingsDeathseeker's Shadowscale GauntletsDeathseeker's Shadowscale CoifDeathseeker's Shadowscale CoatCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale WristguardCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale SleevesCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale LeggingsCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale GauntletsCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale CoifCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale CoatCrypt-Hunter's Shadowscale BootsScale Touched Shadowscale BootsScale Touched Shadowscale CoatScale Touched Shadowscale WristguardScale Touched Shadowscale GauntletsScale Touched Shadowscale CoifScale Touched Shadowscale SleevesScale Touched Shadowscale LeggingsScaled Shadowscale WristguardScaleborn Shadowscale GauntletsScaleborn Shadowscale BootsScaleborn Shadowscale CoifScaleborn Shadowscale CoatScaleborn Shadowscale WristguardScaleborn Shadowscale SleevesScaleborn Shadowscale LeggingsScaled Shadowscale GauntletsScaled Shadowscale BootsScaled Shadowscale CoifScaled Shadowscale SleevesScaled Shadowscale LeggingsScaled Shadowscale CoatHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale WristguardHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale GauntletsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale BootsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale CoifHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale SleevesHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale LeggingsHeavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale CoatVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale WristguardVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale GauntletsVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale BootsVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale CoifVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale SleevesVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale LeggingsVeiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale CoatBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale WristguardBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale GauntletsBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale BootsBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale CoifBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale SleevesBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale LeggingsBattleworn Stalwart Moon Shadowscale CoatWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale WristguardWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale GauntletsWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale CoifWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale SleevesWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale LeggingsWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale CoatIce Woven Shadowscale WristguardIce Woven Shadowscale GauntletsIce Woven Shadowscale BootsIce Woven Shadowscale CoifIce Woven Shadowscale SleevesIce Woven Shadowscale LeggingsIce Woven Shadowscale CoatVelium Infused Shadowscale WristguardVelium Infused Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Infused Shadowscale BootsVelium Infused Shadowscale CoifVelium Infused Shadowscale SleevesVelium Infused Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Infused Shadowscale CoatIcebound Shadowscale WristguardIcebound Shadowscale GauntletsIcebound Shadowscale BootsIcebound Shadowscale CoifIcebound Shadowscale SleevesIcebound Shadowscale LeggingsIcebound Shadowscale CoatSnowbound Shadowscale WristguardSnowbound Shadowscale GauntletsSnowbound Shadowscale BootsSnowbound Shadowscale CoifSnowbound Shadowscale SleevesSnowbound Shadowscale LeggingsSnowbound Shadowscale CoatVelium Endowed Shadowscale WristguardVelium Endowed Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Endowed Shadowscale BootsVelium Endowed Shadowscale CoifVelium Endowed Shadowscale SleevesVelium Endowed Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Endowed Shadowscale CoatHoarfrost Shadowscale WristguardHoarfrost Shadowscale GauntletsHoarfrost Shadowscale BootsHoarfrost Shadowscale CoifHoarfrost Shadowscale SleevesHoarfrost Shadowscale LeggingsHoarfrost Shadowscale CoatVelium Threaded Shadowscale WristguardVelium Threaded Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Threaded Shadowscale BootsVelium Threaded Shadowscale CoifVelium Threaded Shadowscale SleevesVelium Threaded Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Threaded Shadowscale CoatSnowsquall Shadowscale WristguardSnowsquall Shadowscale GauntletsSnowsquall Shadowscale BootsSnowsquall Shadowscale CoifSnowsquall Shadowscale SleevesSnowsquall Shadowscale LeggingsSnowsquall Shadowscale CoatBlizzard Shadowscale WristguardBlizzard Shadowscale GauntletsBlizzard Shadowscale BootsBlizzard Shadowscale CoifBlizzard Shadowscale SleevesBlizzard Shadowscale LeggingsBlizzard Shadowscale CoatAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale WristguardAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale SleevesAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale LeggingsAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale GauntletsAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale CoifAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale CoatAdamant Triumphant Cloud Shadowscale BootsWeeping Undefeated Heaven Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale CoatWaning Gibbous Shadowscale LeggingsWaning Gibbous Shadowscale CoatLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale CoatWaning Crescent Shadowscale CoatWaxing Crescent Shadowscale CoatScroll: Shadowscale Rk. IIDeepfathom Shadowscale CoatDeepfathom Shadowscale LeggingsDeepfathom Shadowscale CoifDeepfathom Shadowscale SleevesDeepfathom Shadowscale GauntletsDeepfathom Shadowscale BootsDeepfathom Shadowscale WristguardDreadweave Shadowscale SleevesDreadweave Shadowscale LeggingsDreadweave Shadowscale CoatDreadweave Shadowscale WristguardDreadweave Shadowscale GauntletsDreadweave Shadowscale BootsDreadweave Shadowscale CoifFlowing Etheric Shadowscale GauntletsFlowing Etheric Shadowscale CoifFlowing Etheric Shadowscale WristguardFlowing Etheric Shadowscale SleevesFlowing Etheric Shadowscale LeggingsFlowing Etheric Shadowscale CoatFlowing Etheric Shadowscale BootsDarkwater Shadowscale CoifDarkwater Shadowscale SleevesDarkwater Shadowscale LeggingsDarkwater Shadowscale CoatDarkwater Shadowscale WristguardDarkwater Shadowscale GauntletsDarkwater Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale CoifLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale SleevesWaning Gibbous Shadowscale WristguardWaning Gibbous Shadowscale GauntletsWaning Gibbous Shadowscale BootsWaning Gibbous Shadowscale CoifWaning Gibbous Shadowscale SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale CoifLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale LeggingsWaning Crescent Shadowscale WristguardWaning Crescent Shadowscale GauntletsWaning Crescent Shadowscale BootsWaning Crescent Shadowscale CoifWaning Crescent Shadowscale SleevesWaning Crescent Shadowscale LeggingsWaxing Crescent Shadowscale WristguardWaxing Crescent Shadowscale GauntletsWaxing Crescent Shadowscale BootsWaxing Crescent Shadowscale CoifWaxing Crescent Shadowscale SleevesWaxing Crescent Shadowscale LeggingsGelid Shadowscale SleevesGelid Shadowscale LeggingsGelid Shadowscale WristguardGelid Shadowscale GauntletsGelid Shadowscale CoifGelid Shadowscale CoatApocryphal Shadowscale SleevesApocryphal Shadowscale LeggingsApocryphal Shadowscale CoatApocryphal Shadowscale WristguardApocryphal Shadowscale GauntletsApocryphal Shadowscale BootsApocryphal Shadowscale CoifGelid Shadowscale BootsSilvershade Shadowscale CoatSilvershade Shadowscale CoifSilvershade Shadowscale SleevesSilvershade Shadowscale LeggingsSilvershade Shadowscale WristguardSilvershade Shadowscale GauntletsSilvershade Shadowscale BootsSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale WristguardSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale CoifSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale GauntletsSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale LeggingsSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale BootsSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale SleevesSuppressed Etheric Shadowscale CoatVelazul's Shadowscale WristguardVelazul's Shadowscale GauntletsVelazul's Shadowscale BootsVelazul's Shadowscale CoifVelazul's Shadowscale SleevesVelazul's Shadowscale LeggingsVelazul's Shadowscale CoatVelium Empowered Shadowscale CoatBlood-Soaked Great MaceGuillotine of Perpetual MoonlightBludgeon of the Moon's FavorRod of Holy WrathGlaive of Alkali EnergyBludgeon of ShadowsDreamshadow GreataxeMirelance of the ShadowsFjorlask, War Maul of ShadowsMaul of ShadowsShadowpike of ToskirakkShadowthornMaul of Silent ShadowScythe of ShadowsShadowflameShadow Flame MaulCrystallized Shadow ClaymoreFading Shadow StaffGreatsword of ShadowsFading Shadow ClaymoreShadowed TormentShadowbone StaffShadow Flame Warsword

New Quests: Achievement: Savior of Velketor's Labyrinth (40 Points)

Updated Quests: Savior of Basilica of Adumbration (20 Points)


Updated Items: Bloodied Luclinite OreCrumbling Gargoyle JawThe Sword of SsraeshzaCorrupted Shissar FangFlame-Licked TrousersBeholder Optic FluidForgotten ShissarBravefoot Mail GreavesLow Quality Wolf SkinSandals of HarmonyLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker TunicCalcified Bloodied OreFaded Waning Gibbous Wrist ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Legs ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Head ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Hands ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Feet ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Arms ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Chest ArmorWito Xi VereorShred of SanityLethia, the Master's TreasureDual Partisan of the Shattered VowBite of the VampireAshenfall, Labrys of the PenumbraEternal Band of Twisting ShadowAkhevan TrunkGlowing Shadowscribed ParchmentGreater Shadowscribed ParchmentMinor Shadowscribed ParchmentMedian Shadowscribed ParchmentLesser Shadowscribed ParchmentMedal of ConflictPrize: Flame WurmlingFlame Wurmling

New Quests: Close the Gate (Raid)

Updated Quests:Too many to list

Updated Recipes: Goblin Eye SpecialBravefoot Mail Greaves

Bestiary Updates: a fury ghastThe Fabled Evil Eye pet - Beholders Mazea greater windstormThe Fabled Emperor Ssraeshzaa defeated gladiatora scarlet priest - CoVa scarlet priest - CoVa conniving gargoyleSorcha, Governess of Serenity [Raids and Mission]Nemets, King of the ShadowhandsKishma the Informeran arena championDiabo Xi Xundraux [Raid Merchant]Drusella Sathira rough-hewn chesta grinning gargoyle - Close the Gate - RaidThall Tetoracu LiakoFurious Windstorma magical chestE`lial B`rook


Updated Items: Blood-Soaked Spiked ShieldBlood-Soaked SpearBlood-Soaked Ring of AdroitnessBlood-Soaked Mask of BrillianceBlood-Soaked Idol of VigorBlood-Soaked HalberdBlood-Soaked Fighting StaffBlood-Soaked Earring of VigorBlood-Soaked Compound BowBlood-Soaked ClaymoreBlood-Soaked Charm of VigorBlood-Soaked Belt of BrillianceBlood-Soaked Belt of AdroitnessBlood-Soaked BatonBlood-Soaked Tower ShieldBlood-Soaked MaceBlood-Soaked HammerElaborate Defiant Heater

Updated Quests: Slave KeysScouts CapeRat Pelt Cape



Updated Items: Glimmering SignetTarnished SignetWeather-Worn SignetSoldier's Golden RingSmoldering Mask of Cruelty

Updated Quests: Bard ReportsThe Revolt of Gloomingdeep23rd Anniversary - Whispers in the Dark - Group MissionClose the Gate (Raid)

Bestiary Updates: Merona CastekinGnasher FurguttWarpriest Poxxil


Updated Items: Viscous Drop of BloodFrozen Drop of BloodFresh Drop of BloodDried Drop of BloodCrimson Drop of BloodClotted Drop of BloodCaustic Drop of BloodBlackened Drop of BloodLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger CoatBuzzing Bixie Wand

Updated Quests: Blackburrow StoutThe Bayle ListVohlen #3: Questionable LoyaltiesPrisoner of the PortalEfreeti Death VisageMarla #1: A Helping HandDrops of Blood (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Velious Surf and Turf PlatterVelium Endowed Censer

Bestiary Updates: Merona Castekin [Ranger Guildmaster]Bookkeeper MollyHigh Priestess Lunasaa deranged flowkeeperan earthen sandblastera melancholy commandera sandflow tenderFlowkeeper NicynGuardian of SandflowCommander LisayArchitect EneldeGnasher Furgutt


Updated Items: Talisman of GaerinRuned Brooch of ErudinComplex Platinum Gem Dusted RuneEntrepreneur's Leather HelmDancer's BootsSlippers of LeisureAvariceHypocricy

Updated Quests: Elisi's FatePilfered PossessionsKill KrellnakorClose the Gate (Raid)

Bestiary Updates: TzirathkSquire Alan Wellsa forgotten guktana neglected citizena spiritualistNemets, King of the Shadowhandsa shadowstone grabberCentien DetraiasXin Thall TavuelPli LiakoTorgarath Tekara shadea deadly shadea waning phantoma servant of darknessa servant of lightKratakel, Lord MiserySorcha, Governess of Serenitya great ravena pool of shadowa darkwing bata shade beetleBookkeeper MollyHigh Priestess Lunasaa deranged flowkeeperan earthen sandblastera melancholy commandera sandflow tenderFlowkeeper NicynGuardian of SandflowCommander LisayArchitect Enelde


Updated Items: Blood-Soaked Cloak of SecurityCharged Worn Magnetic PauldronsBattle-Forged Mace

Bestiary Updates: Tallongast the DiscardedBeau`Dril The Queen`s Defendera savage pinewolfPriest Kaltricor


Updated Items: Efreeti's Key ;  Veeshan's Key ;  Key of Scale ;  Key of the Swarm ;  Avian Key ;  Key of Beasts ;  Key of Misfortune ;  Key of the Misplaced ;  Key of Swords ;  Hole Key ;  Bone Crafted Key ;  Tome: Spurn ;  Terror's Badge ;  Blood-Soaked Amice of Adroitness ;  Ice Encrusted Great Sword

New Quests: Hunter of Northeast Antonica (30 Points) ;  Bone Crafted Key (10 Points) ;  Hole Key (10 Points) ;  Islands of Sky Keys (10 Points) ;  Efreeti's Key (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Hunter of Befallen ;  Hunter of Freeport Sewers (30 Points) ;  Hunter of Highpass Hold ;  Hunter of Nagafen's Lair ;  Hunter of Najena ;  Hunter of North Desert of Ro ;  Hunter of Solusek's Eye ;  Hunter of South Desert of Ro ;  Hunter of The Caverns of Exile ;  Hunter of The City of Guk ;  Hunter of The Gorge of King Xorbb ;  Hunter of The Hole ;  Hunter of The Invaded Lair of the Splitpaw ;  Hunter of The Misty Thicket ;  Hunter of The Plane of Hate (30 Points) ;  Hunter of The Ruins of Old Guk ;  Hunter of The Southern Plains of Karana ;  Hunter of The Warrens ;  Hunter of Toxxulia Forest ;  Hunter of Northwest Antonica (30 Points) ;  Hunter of Odus (30 Points) ;  Hunter of Southeast Antonica (30 Points) ;  Hunter of Southwest Antonica (30 Points) ;  Hunter of The Planes (30 Points) ;  Conqueror of The Caverns of Exile

Bestiary Updates: Sonsa Fromp [Tailoring Supplies] ;  Kevlin Diggs [Chain Armor] ;  a graystriped mosquito ;  Lifesapper Mosquito ;  Overlord Klerkon

Zone Updates: Freeport Sewers


Updated Items: Ilulawen, Longbow of JusticeSummoned: Ring of FlightGreater Gadget PackRotting Gorilla Hide HelmetRestless Bone MarrowWilted LaburnumIntricate Defiant CharmTavon's Polished GemstonePetrified SharktoothRune of ImpulseMoonfang's CubRazors EdgeBlunt ForceVanishing PointCrushbone ContractMagi Shield OrnamentationMagi Shield OrnamentMagi Shield OrnamentationAspect of the BloodstoneDancing Dagger of ThunderPrize: Dancing Dagger of ThunderLegend of the Oathbreaker - JesterLegend of the OathbreakerLegend of the Oathbound - JesterLegend of the OathboundLegend of the DragonbroodLegend of the Storm BreakLegend of the Storm Break - JesterPike of Avanish Ornament

Updated Quests: Legends of Norrath #1: OathboundLegends of Norrath #2: ForswornLegends of Norrath #3: InquisitorLegends of Norrath #4: OathbreakerLegends of Norrath #5: EthernautsLegends of Norrath #6: Against the VoidLegends of Norrath #7: Storm BreakLegends of Norrath #8: TravelersFrozen Skeleton MercenaryLegends of Norrath #9: Vengeful GodsLegends of Norrath #10: Doom of the Ancient OnesOgre Heritage Crate

Bestiary Updates: a Tae Ew warriora Tae Ew wardera Tae Ew defendera clotted chest

Zone Updates: The Rathe Mountains


Updated Items: Lethia, the Master's TreasureWito Xi VereorCloak of the HealersSteatite FragmentKobold Leather MaskPoxan's SwordGloomingdeep Rat SteakKobold Cooking SauceGloomingdeep Rat MeatWorn TotemThe Gloomingdeep Jailor's KeyKobold Skull CharmKobold Quicksteel OrbCombine Gladius

Updated Quests: Poxan's SwordArachnidaRebellion ReloadedBasic TrainingFlutterwing's DilemmaSabotageArachnophobia (Group)Pit Fiend (Group)Kobold LeadershipJail Break!The Revolt of GloomingdeepKickin' Things Up A Notch - AugmentationsHotbarsAchievementsMastering Achievements

Updated Recipes: Gloomingdeep Rat Steak

Bestiary Updates: PoxanFrizznik [Tradeskills]Wijdan [Merchant]NanertakRashere [Soulbinder]A Priest of Luclin [Corpse Summoner]Lyndroh [Banker]McKenzie the Younger [Augmentations]Scribe Farquard [Achievements]a pious martyr - CoVa rough-hewn chestOptio Wiknari

Zone Updates: The Mines of Gloomingdeep


Updated Items: Gloomingdeep Kobold Leather BootsGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth CapGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth SleevesGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth PantaloonsGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth RobeGloomingdeep Kobold ClubGloomingdeep Kobold Plate BracerGloomingdeep Kobold Plate BootsGloomingdeep Kobold Plate HelmGloomingdeep Kobold Leather BracerGloomingdeep Kobold Leather GlovesGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth SandalsGloomingdeep Kobold Leather SleevesGloomingdeep Kobold ShortswordGloomingdeep Kobold BreastplateGloomingdeep Kobold Leather CapGloomingdeep Kobold Leather TrousersGloomingdeep Kobold Leather TunicGloomingdeep Kobold FistsGloomingdeep Kobold Plate GauntletsGloomingdeep Kobold GreatswordGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth GlovesGloomingdeep Kobold Chain BracerGloomingdeep Kobold Chain GauntletsGloomingdeep Kobold Chain BootsGloomingdeep Kobold Chain CoifGloomingdeep Kobold Chain SleevesGloomingdeep Kobold Chain LeggingsGloomingdeep Kobold Chain TunicGloomingdeep Kobold DaggerGloomingdeep Kobold Plate VambracesGloomingdeep Kobold Plate GreavesGloomingdeep Kobold Cloth WristwrapKobold Quicksteel OrbSteatite FragmentPoxan's SwordGloomingdeep Rat SteakKobold Cooking SauceGloomingdeep Rat MeatGloomingdeep MushroomsCombine Gladius

Updated Quests: The Vengeful MusiciansPoxan's SwordArachnidaRebellion ReloadedBasic TrainingFlutterwing's DilemmaSabotageArachnophobia (Group)Pit Fiend (Group)Kobold LeadershipThe Revolt of GloomingdeepKickin' Things Up A Notch - AugmentationsHotbarsAchievementsMastering Achievements

Updated Recipes: Barbequed Crab AppetizersBarbequed Crab CakesBarbequed Crab PieBarbequed Crab RollsBarbequed Crab SandwichBarbequed Crab SouffleBarbequed Crab SoupBarbequed Crab SteaksBarbequed Crab StewBarbequed Cragbeast JerkyBarbequed Cragbeast KabobsBarbequed Cragbeast PieBarbequed Cragbeast SandwichBarbequed Cragbeast SouffleBarbequed Cragbeast SoupBarbequed Cragbeast SteaksBarbequed Cragbeast StewBarbequed Hynid JerkyBarbequed Hynid KabobsBarbequed Hynid PieBarbequed Hynid SandwichBarbequed Hynid SouffleBarbequed Hynid SoupBarbequed Hynid SteaksBarbequed Hynid StewGloomingdeep Rat Steak

Bestiary Updates: a froglok escortXenaida [Maps]Poxana Gloomingdeep warriora Gloomingdeep spiritweaverSelandoorSlavemaster RugaGloomingdeep TaskmasterSpider Tamer GuganKrenshinQueen GloomfangOverlord Gnikana spider cocoon clustera gloom spidera gloomfang lurkera Gloomingdeep grunta Gloomingdeep slave wardena Gloomingdeep plaguebearerPoxa Gloomingdeep captainRatasaurusSliverRookfynnBrokenclawVenomfangTinkerer Keridon [Bard/Enchanter Spells]Tinkerer Oshran [Necromancer/Shadowknight Spells]a cave rata cave batGloomingdeep SpiritweaverRufusClockwork War Machinea goblin slavea trampled kobolda garroted kobolda demented scrykinFrizznik [Tradeskills]Guard HobartGuard MaddocGuard Vyrinn [Beginner Missions]Guard Rahtiz [Beginner Missions]Revolt Scout KaikachiRevolt Scout ZajeerFlutterwingCelrak [Beastlord/Shaman Spells]The Gloomingdeep LocksmithGuard of GloomingdeepTinkerer Gordish [Magician/Wizard Spells]Rowyl [Druid/Ranger Spells]Nura [Cleric/Paladin Spells]Wijdan [Merchant]Arias [Revolt Leader]Absor [Weapons]Vahlara [Armor Missions]Rytan [Spells]Prathun [Grouping and Communication]CraitaRashere [Soulbinder]a kobold barrelA Priest of Luclin [Corpse Summoner]a gloom spiderlinga pile of digested remainsa vermin nesta dark elf slavea human slavea locksmith`s footlockera diseased ratMushroom Barrela pile of bonesa dwarven slavean exhausted goblinan iksar slaveLyndroh [Banker]spider handler lockboxa trampled slavea kobold infiltratorElegist [Mercenary Liaison]Basher Alga [Hotbars]McKenzie the Younger [Augmentations]Scribe Farquard [Achievements]a pulsing chestOptio WiknariOptio CrasaFlorentaTrooper Roklonan escaped froglok


Updated Items: Stained Fine Runic PaperScrykin Blood

Updated Quests: 9th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Updated Recipes: Aviak Egg Oil

Bestiary Updates: a demented scrykina Queen`s guardfrenzied pox scarabA Harpy Explorer


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