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Updated Items: Truthward, Guardian of LightGem of StructureHero PartsGoldleaf TiaraInnovator's RingPreserving Sifter's TunicFootman's RingBlack Diamond of Nightmares


Updated Recipes: Smoked Hero PartsSpiced Hero PartsScroll: Tectonic Tremor Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: RharzarPriestess RakhuThe Stonecarvera rebellious gemcrackerGurndal the Gracefula guardiana power siphonGarssilor, Cinderscale



Updated Items: Froglok Head in a JarToken of the MagusBloodmoon StomachBloodmoon SpleenBloodmoon SkinBloodmoon LoinclothBloodmoon BrainBuried Sea Urchin ShellBuried Sea Starfish ShellBuried Sea Snail ShellBuried Sea Scallop ShellBuried Sea Oyster ShellBuried Sea Conch ShellBuried Sea Clam ShellBuried Sea Sand Biscuit Shell


Updated Quests: Judge By What's InsideCuriously Crusty (Barren Coast) (10 Points)


Bestiary Updates: Jerg Oakenfist



Updated Items: Sporali CapFilled Tempest CarafeEmpty Tempest CarafeCollector's Brontotherium Hoof


Updated Quests: Tempest Festival - Here Comes the Rain


Updated Recipes: Shellacked Brontotherium Femur


Bestiary Updates: FierceWindRosalind Mischeva [Herald of Karana]



Updated Items: Spiritually Faded Luclinite Riding BowFaded Spectral Luminosity Arms ArmorPorous Granite ChunkBlood-Soaked Necklace of Adroitness


Bestiary Updates: a rockhopper adolescentShaded Chesta stone golem




New Items: Mithaniel's Aceheart LionMithaniel's Freeheart LionMithaniel's Openheart LionPeculiar PollenBenighted Protector's Cloak of the SelenelionOcean Mist Dagger OrnamentVisage of an Enchanted Armor GuardianRegal Tree Squirrel SaddleArmy of Light BarricadePainting: Ruins of Takish-Hiz


Updated Recipes: Luclinite Laced Oleander Extract (x1)


Bestiary Updates: Marech of the Shrine



New Items: Library Wall Sconce


Updated Items: Lucky CharmSentient Subterranean Stalk


Bestiary Updates: Scholar Kintorom [Quests]Baron YosigArch Duke LatolGeoxylea war chestMarech of the Shrinefroglok repairer



Updated Items: Adoptable Regal Tree SquirrelRegal Tree Squirrel SaddleVisage of an Enchanted Armor GuardianPixtt-Emblazoned Plated GauntletsValorium GreavesValorium VambracesValorium ChestplateValorium BracersValorium HelmetValorium GauntletsValorium BootsVery Stale CookieOne SlipperApprentice RobeGnomish ScarfTiny ForkGnome SkullOld PipeDefender's Extravagant EarringDefender's Extravagant NecklaceAssassin's Extravagant EarringAssassin's Extravagant BeltSorcerer's Extravagant BeltSorcerer's Extravagant EarringSorcerer's Extravagant PauldronsSorcerer's Extravagant NecklaceCorrupted HeartFleshless HeartApparitional Leg Armor LiningApparitional Ring Polishing ClothApparitional Hand Armor LiningWooly Spider CrunchiesShadowed BookVirgae Summoning StoneSweet Strawberry SeltzerSpell: Shadow StepSpell: Numb the DeadSpell: LifespikeSpell: Leering CorpseSpell: FearSpell: Clinging DarknessSpell: Bone WalkSpell: Wave of EnfeeblementSpell: Ward UndeadSpell: Vampiric EmbraceSpell: Restless BonesSpell: LifedrawSpell: Heat BloodSpell: Gather ShadowsSpell: Feign DeathSpell: Engulfing DarknessSpell: Endure DiseaseSpell: DeadeyeSpell: Dark EmpathySpell: Convoke ShadowSpell: Word of SpiritSpell: Summon DeadSpell: ShieldskinSpell: Shadow VortexSpell: Shadow SightSpell: Resist ColdSpell: Invoke FearSpell: Heart FlutterSpell: Expulse UndeadSpell: Dooming DarknessSpell: Dismiss UndeadSpell: Cancel MagicSpell: Breath of the DeadSpell: Animate Dead


Updated Quests: The Etched StoneMoonstonesLuggald RumorsTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Conquest of the TriumvirateRelic of Splendor: The Purest SplendorGates of Discord Progression #4c: The Summoner RingHunter of The Castle of MistmooreTempest Festival - Felled by the RainA Little GoodwillPower CorruptsKoada'Dal Heritage Crate


New Recipes: Virgae Summoning Stone


Updated Recipes: Wooly Spider CrunchiesTome of Cyclonic Blades Rk. IITome of Armor of Mystical Runes Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: a fetid fiend - femalea chesta ratman guardPixtt Grand SummonerFleshless ServantVrex High PriestTrusk [Shadow Knight Spells]Kramf [Shadow Knight Spells]Crilt [Shadow Knight Spells]Lupexa weakminded goblinGwelian Wyn [Beastlord Guildmaster]Bi`faak the Shadowwalkera moldy chest - Insatiable an Appetitea moldy chest - Myconid Mutinya fetid fiend - malea shard of pure splendor



Updated Items: Dread StewLavish Hopperhide MantleApparitional Hand Armor LiningArmy of Light BarricadeDarkened Trakanon's ScaleDarkened Trakanon's EyeDarkened Trakanon's HeartDarkened Trakanon's MalleusDarkened Trakanon's FemurDarkened Trakanon's ClawDarkened Trakanon's ToothSummoned: Halo of LightIce Burrower Meat


Updated Quests: To Dull the EdgeDevan #5: Minohten are a Menace!Koada'Dal Heritage Crate


Bestiary Updates: Tolapumjan honored residentTolapumjCommander Eslinea rough chestMarech of the Shrine



Updated Items: Shiliskin BonesElaborate Binding PowderShiliskin BloodMaster's CurioV'Deers' Seer's SneerSymbol of Tunarian WorshipTrusik Bone Earring


Updated Quests: Shiny Rings


Bestiary Updates: Tani Cogswinan aid to the Seneschal - ShiliskinShiliskin Functionary



Updated Items: Apparitional Arm Armor LiningAdoptable Wasp Drone FamiliarWasp Drone FamiliarAdoptable Kodiak Cub FamiliarKodiak Cub FamiliarAdoptable Kobold Whelp FamiliarKobold Whelp FamiliarAdoptable Kejekan Kerran FamiliarKejekan Kerran FamiliarAdoptable Firiona Drixie FamiliarFiriona Drixie FamiliarAdoptable Animated Pawn FamiliarAnimated Pawn FamiliarAdoptable Frozen TerrorWrapped Underfoot MonumentUnderfoot MonumentWrapped Temple TorchiereWrapped Statue of BrellWrapped Painting: Froststone GateAdoptable Odiferous SkunkOdiferous Skunk FamiliarWrapped Music Box: KaladimAdoptable Dwarven War WorgWrapped Dwarven Ice StatueDwarven Ice StatueDire Wolf FamiliarAdoptable Dire WolfAdoptable Arctic WurmArctic Wurm FamiliarTemple TorchiereStatue of BrellPainting: Froststone GateMusic Box: KaladimFrozen Terror FamiliarDwarven War Worg Bridle


Updated Quests: Dwarf Heritage CrateDwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Art Collector (10 Points)Dwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Critters (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Mort's Chain (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Mort's Cloth (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Mort's Leather (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Mort's Ringmail (10 Points)Hero's Forge - Mort's Scalemail (10 Points)Ogre Heritage CrateOgre Heritage Crate: Ogre Critters (10 Points)Ogre Heritage Crate: Ogre Art Collector (10 Points)Erudite Heritage Crate


Bestiary Updates: a silvermist wolfa jungle spiderlinga jungle spidera lesser kobolda kobold hunterA Kerran FemaleA Greater Koboldgreater kobolda greater kobold shamanSolusek koboldSolusek kobold kinga kobold runtan infected rata kobolda kobold scoutSolusek kobold shamana kerran amira guardiana spirit of the ruinsCommander YarikIrslak the WretchedKeeper of the TombsInitiate SirlisGale Wolfa sanguine kodiaka tundra kodiakA Feral Cave KodiakA Savage Cave Kodiaka unicornFarstride UnicornEcho of Nortlava koboldA Kobold Runta training kobolda huge kobolda kobold missionaryAn Elite Kobolda fierce kobolda kobold sentinela scouting kobolda kobold spiritslavera raging kobold savagea kobold wanderera ferocious kobolda savage kobolda hunting kobolda burly koboldGhost of Glohnora greater kobold shamanA Lesser Kobold ShamanA Kobold Fishermana raging kobolda grikbar koboldKobold Castera diseased kobolda kobold guardiana burly kobolda templebound spiritRabid Tundra KodiakGnashing KoboldThe Fabled Kobold Noblea citybound spirita kobold runta feral cave kodiaka ferocious cave kodiaka savage cave kodiaka feral cave kodiaka savage cave kodiaka ferocious cave kodiaka corrupted mist wolfa burly kobolda ferocious kobolda mist wolfa mist wolfa silvermist wolfa roaming kodiaka rabid tundra kodiakRough Chesta kobold master blacksmitha plague rata temple researchera noxious jungle spiderInfected RatThe Fabled Solusek Kobold KingThe Fabled Kobold PriestThe Fabled Kobold ChampionKhonza Mitty of KerraLamenting Spirita mist wolfa kerran ademzada`amira kobold scouta kobold scouta kobold watchera kobold runta kobold shamana silvermist wolfa mist wolfa mist wolfan infected ratan infected rata kobold runta kobold championa kobold shamanA Kobold Sentrya kobold watchera kobold priesta kobold noblekobold predatorEye of Veeshana kerran awrata kerran ademzada shamana kerran amira priestessa kerran amira protectora kerran ghazia kerran mujaheda kerran ghazi shamana kobold prisonera tundra kodiakan undead ratPolzin Mridpained unicorna flame snaila fire snaila frigid kodiaka frosted kodiaka vicious kodiakan unstoppable kodiaka restless kodiaka ferocious cave kodiaka lava snaila kobold guarda kobold sentrya rabid kobolda kobold protectora kobold archerA Frothing Kobolda kobold pit fightera large kobolda kobold outcasta highland kobold shamana raging highland kobolddiseased female rata kobold advisor



Updated Items: Thunder SnowApparitional Feet Armor LiningApparitional String ServingApparitional Chest Armor LiningBox of ReagentsMinor Deepshade RunestoneGreater Deepshade RunestoneLesser Deepshade RunestoneFaded Celestial Zenith Wrist ArmorChromatoxic FangOtherworldly String ServingDi`Zok InsigniaCrumbling TomeAncient: Destruction of IceScalp of the Ghoul LordFirst Fragment of the Left EyeShard of Hsagra's TalismanBroken Sword PieceRiftbreaker's BindingCristanos' Scythe Replica


Updated Quests: Schelly #2: Where Did It Come From?Hero of Velketor's Labyrinth (10 Point)


Bestiary Updates: Yerr L`Derea giant chestChromatic Widow Queena moldy chest - Myconid Mutinya painted chesta war chest


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