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I'm a Journalism graduate from the University of Omaha. Spent time getting my feet wet back in college writing for local and regional newspapers/magazines, then moved on to a few nationals. Just entered the world of "online journalism" around 2006, including news blogging and reviewing. Although my MMORPG experience goes all the way back to the days of playing the text-based LORD on a local BBS, my first "modern" MMO was World of Warcraft. I've been a big fan of Games Workshop since I was a kid, so I really had high hopes for Warhammer Online, and hope Mythic ends up making it work. I've been a huge fan of first-person-shooters for years, so I'm really interested in this emerging MMOFPS genre. Flash and browser-based games are also a love of mine, and I freelance for JayisGames.com, probably the best casual gaming review site on the Web.